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Dogs, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  I have spent many years in mixed practice, dealing with pet, working and show dogs alike.
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My two year old Bichon Male keeps on chewing the coats of my

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My two year old Bichon Male keeps on chewing the coats of my three year old bitch and the daughters (7mths) coats. They are all show dogs so by chewing great chucks of coat usually at the nape of their necks prevents me from showing them. The biggest problem is he consumes the coat and then vomits and poos large hard wedges and of solidified coat which has to be very dangerous. I`ve tried all sorts of "stop chewing" solutions unsuccessfully and complete separation is difficult. Any ideas?
Dogs : Hi there, vet Andrew here. I should be available for the rest of the day. When you reply to this I will be notified.
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

you have asked for a "reply" what ??

Dogs : Just to let me know you're online.
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :


Dogs : Sometimes this sort of behaviour is sex-motivated, but I imagine you're not considering neutering as he's a show dog?
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

that's right and I too am sure sex is involved

Dogs : Yes, not always but sometimes neutering helps with agression and manipulative behaviour. What do you feed them on?
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

A bit of a mixture...I am trialing Purina Pro plan performance at the moment but the problem started before that . I do mu own cooked meat with vedgies and add some of the pro plan to bulk it up ( too much protein ?)

Dogs : I was really thinking of the fibre content, as there is an outside chance he's seeking roughage. Too high a protein level can encourage hyperactivity problems in young dogs, so try reducing his meat ration in favour of vegetables. Also ensure he gets access to grass outside.
Dogs : Does he do this when you're around?
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

no..he is quite sneaky with it so until he actually vomited the fur-ball we though it was one of the older dogs

Dogs : How well do you think he'd tolerate a muzzle, just when the're left alone together? Not well?
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

I have thought of that but I don't think he`d tolerate it at all and he is a bichon with a full head coat ....might be very difficult

Dogs : No, they haven't got the best head shape for muzzles. As I thought, your problem is not going to be an easy fix. Here are my suggestions:
Dogs : 1 manipulate the diet as discussed.
Dogs : 2 try to increase his exercise level so he's tired out before you leave them alone together.
Dogs : 3 buy a tube of paraffin-type faecal softener (for cats with hairballs, from vet or petstore). This will help him pass any solid matted hair through.
Dogs : 4 if you're at your wit's end, I have had some success with 6-monthly jabs of Tardak for hypersexual behaviour in show dogs. You may find the behaviour is related to the bithches's seasons anyway.
Dogs : That's everything I can think of for now. I hope this helps.
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

would the Tardax prevent him from being used at stud to outside bitches ( he is a very keen stud dog )

Dogs : It's really more of a behaviour supressant than anything else. It's certainly not effective as a contraceptive. If you bring him in to the vet you'll be able to discuss the problem. I would perhaps try reducing the dosage to find the level which just stops him chewing.
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

that's sounds are in the uk aren`t you?..Tardex is available here?

Dogs : Yes, in the UK. Tardak is readily available and there's been a bottle on the shelf of every vet practive I've been in!
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

That's sounds very promising ...thank you very much...fingers crossed it works!

Dogs : Ok, make sure if you decide to go the Tardak route to combine it with the other suggestions. That way you'll be able to use him and stud and stop the chewing.
Dogs : Do you have any other questions?
JACUSTOMER-ulllrzks- :

no thanks , I could kick myself for not finding you sooner.....thanks a lot, you`ve been great !!

Dogs : No problem. You can let me know how you get on, and post follow-up questions via this thread. Regards, ***** *****
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