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Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Over 30 years experience in veterinary medicine and surgery.
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Hi, my dog is a plumber terrier and is 10 years old. He seems

Customer Question

Hi, my dog is a plumber terrier and is 10 years old. He seems to have discomfort around his rear area. He sits on his bum with his tail out so I had his glands cleared, wormed him (both within the last 2 weeks) then took him back to the vet again last week as there was no improvement. Vets have checked his temperature, prostate and pressed his stomach but all seemed ok. He has been on anti inflamatory for 2 days but still no improvement.
Also, if you scratch him near his flanks he acts very strangely. I don't think he has fleas as my other dog is not scratching at all......can you help please? I hate seeing him in discomfort. Many thanks, Sam
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Barbara replied 3 years ago.
Dr. Barbara :

Hi Sam, Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm a licensed veterinarian and I'll be happy to help. Sorry to hear about Reno's discomfort. Maybe he does have fleas. About 50% of dogs are allergic to flea saliva, and even one flea can create severe discomfort. The other 50% of dogs aren't allergic. Is Reno on a good monthly flea preventative? If so what? Does he have any fur loss or skin lesions?

Dr. Barbara :

My other thought from what you are describing is that he has pain in his hips or lower back and it sitting unusually because of that. He is on an anti inflammatory, however, and that should begin to help him. Which one is he on and how much, and how much does he weigh?