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I need some advice from an expert in veterinary drugs and their

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I need some advice from an expert in veterinary drugs and their interactions.
My 10 year old Border Collie dog has had pain in her front left leg for 18 months. We have been through pain killers, antibiotics, x rays, referred to orthopaedic vets, and even an MRI scan in mid December last year. They can't find out what it is. Since we got her she has had 2/3 fits a year, usually caused by something external e.g. flea treatment etc. Although she has been getting more fits since October last year. She is on Gabapentin, Metacam and Pardale V. Up until 2 weeks ago she was doing very well and putting more weight on her leg and looking quite chirpy. Then she had 6 fits within 24 hours. My vet put her on phenobarbital which just totally crazed her out. So we took her of after just 2 pills.
I believe that the pills may be causing her fits ,so I have been doing some online research into the pain killers she is on and am getting some differing opinions. But it would appear that a rare side effect of Metacam is seizures. I also saw that Pardale V is also classed as an Nsaid - is this correct? I also saw that Phenobarbital shouldn't be given with Metacam is that correct?
When I took her off Metacam she was instantly in pain again. So stopped the Pardale V. She is still limping more than when on all of them but not in quite so much pain. The trouble is she is on a full dose of Metacam and I am noticing some head twitching and deep tiredness creeping in again. These are the symptoms she showed before the last lot of fits. These go when I stop Metacam, but she is in pain again.
So can you tell me is there an anti inflammatory drug that won't give her seizures? What combination of drugs can I use together? What should not be given together?
I am sorry to hear you are concerned about Molly and her medications. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.
I looked in my drug resources, and can't find that Metacam is listed as causing seizures.
Pardale V is a combination of a narcotic (codeine) and paracematol. Paracematol is a drug that is not technically an NSAID. It is non steroidal, and does help with pain and fever, but works differently than the NSAIDs. To quote my drug book, its "mechanisms of actions are not completely understood".
We do know that long term use of paracematol can cause liver damage, and that could contribute to seizures. If a dog is taking it long term, I do monitor liver values.
The risk of liver damage can be increased if it is taken with phenobarbitol, so I am glad to hear you stopped that.
I normally would not give paracematol along with an NSAID like Metacam. I did some research on this, and technically you can give them together, but the sources I checked do not recommend it.
One drug that would be safe to try with Metacam is tramadol, if you have not yet tried it. So is the gabapentin; did that seem to help at all? Gabapentin also has anti seizure effects.
I think I would try the Metacam with gabapentin and/or tramadol, if this were my dog. I would also do blood tests to check liver and kidney values. You could also try a different NSAID such as deracoxib or carprofen in place of the Metacam.
Let me know if this helps, and what other questions you have.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help.

I have been taking notes when Molly has had seizures over the last year, and I can't help but feel that Loxicom/Metacam may have been a possible cause.

She was on Loxicom on and off during 2014. She had a real nasty fit in October after which her pain increased considerably, and was put on PLT which worked for the pain, but was taken off that as it could cause fits. She was on Tramadol, Gabapentin and Metacam from November to beg of Dec. I never personally thought that Tramadol helped her pain. My vet ran out of the normal Tramadol and she went on to Long Release type and within 24 hours had 2 fits. At that point we went to another vet for the MRI . He recommended PardaleV instead of Tramadol.- and the combination worked well for 6 weeks.

I am not sure if the Gabapentin does anything for her pain, but am too scared to take her off in case!

Can you tell me how do the Deracoxib or Carprofen work that is different to Metacam? What are their chief side effects?

Deracoxib, carprofen, and Metacam are all in the same class of drugs: NSAIDs. However, each is different and if a dog can't tolerate one, or has side effects, trying a different one may be better.
The chief side effects of all NSAIDs are stomach upset, possible effects on the kidneys or liver with long term use, and possible affects on clotting and bleeding. I could not find seizures listed as a side effect that has been described, but any dog can have an "idiosyncratic" reaction to a drug that is unexpected and unique to that individual.
I would continue the Gabapentin, as it helps with seizures as well as pain.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for that information. How often should blood tests be done?

If the dog seems healthy, I do blood work every 6 to 12 months.
Let me know what else I can help with or answer. Kindly consider rating my answer, but only when all your questions have been answered
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Thank you for the great rating.