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Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara, Dog Veterinarian
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My 13 year old labardor / German shepherd is not eat a lot

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My 13 year old labardor / German shepherd is not eat a lot of food like she normally does ( she only eating human food like ham and hot dogs ) she won't touch her dog food she likes she also drinking a lot of water aswell. I was meant to de worm her last month but I forgot now that I have remember I cont get her to eat them. What do think is wrong with my dog
Dr. Barbara :


Dr. Barbara :

Thanks for choosing Just Answer. My name Dr. Barbara, and I'd be happy to assist you today.

Dr. Barbara :

The fact that your girl likes to drink a lot of water may be the key to what is bothering her. This is actually a common symptom in our older dogs, and can be caused by several different disease processes.

Dr. Barbara :

These are sugar diabetes, Cushing's Disease, Addison's Disease, kidney disease, or a lower urinary tract disease. The way to determine what is going on for her is to have your vet do a thorough exam, collect blood for a complete blood profile, and collect some urine for a urinalysis.

Dr. Barbara :

Hopefully, this is helpful for you, but please get back to me with any specific questions or concerns of yours. . .

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Hi Louise,
Thank you for your rating. . .appreciated.
I'm sorry that for you our service was only OK. This indicates to me that you possibly have some unanswered questions or concerns, and I'd certainly be happy to address any and all of these until you are better satisfied.
Something is causing Lady to not feel like eating. Until that problem is diagnosed and treated, Lady won't eat well.
I'm very willing to discuss her further. . .
Dr. Barbara