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DrRalston, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  Over twelve years of internal medicine, surgery, and preventive care.
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constant licking of lips and not eating. also unsettled

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constant licking of lips and not eating. also unsettled
Hello, I'm Dr Ralston, thanks for your question.

I noticed your question has been open for awhile. I am sorry about that. Sometimes, it might be that the Veterinarians online are currently busy.

But, I thought I might still attempt to answer.

Panting, and lip smacking are often related to nausea or pain which causes nausea.

In large dogs I am always conerned about obstructions (because they eat everything) and GDV.

Obstructions are less likely on an older dog that doesn't have a history of eating foreign bodies like rocks, sticks, underwear what have you. But, if she has done this in the past, there's a good chance there is something there again and you should have her checked immediately.

If there is bloating, and belching, and she is unable to hold down food, it could be gastric dilitation volvulus. This is much more serious and requires immediate Veterinary attention. It could just be gastroenteritis as well causing an upset stomach.

Probably 80% of these cases are something that the dog ate.

We see it all the time.

With trash it is often Clostridium bacteria that causes similar signs. These bacteria are often associated with rotting food, and is essentially food poisoning. The bacteria produces a toxin which irritates the colon and causes severe diarrhea. But, the irritation can lead to vomiting as well. Old canned food is often sometimes to blame as well as items from the refridgerator, old snacks, pig ears, bad treats, etc.

If you wanted to try something at home first before going to the Vet you might try these options

Pepcid AC : It comes in 10mg, 20mg, and 40 mg tablets. It can be given at 1mg per 2 pounds of dog. You can repeat this every 12 hours.

OR Peptobismol: Generally, the advised dosage is 0.5-1ml of Pepto Bismol per pound of weight. If you're using the tablets, that is equal to ¼ tablet per 20 pounds of weight every 6-8 hours.

A bland diet of chicken and rice is good idea as well since it is easy to digest and gives the digestive tract a break. Often you can tempt them with this when they won't eat anything else. 1/2 cup of rice to 1/2 cup of chicken is a good blend. Boiled chicken, with no skin.
BUT IF YOUR DOG WON'T eat that, you could try lean ground beef instead, or cottage cheese. Most dogs will eat that.
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