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Dr. Scott
Dr. Scott, Veterinarian
Category: Dog
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Experience:  15 years of small animal, equine and pocket pet medicine and surgery.
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my Miniature Poodle has cataracts in both eyes [though tested

clear of PRA] she has... Show More
clear of PRA] she has now developed glaucoma in her right eye. At 11 years old I am reluctant to put her through an eye removal operation and am presently using Metacam 1.5ml oral suspension for dogs plus Trusopt 2% ophthalmic solution 1 drop 3 times daily. Would it be right to continue this treatment indefinitely or is there any other way of treating her
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Dr. Scott : Hello there,
Dr. Scott : Sorry to hear about your situation. Has your dog been treated with any eye medications for the cataracts themselves?

Not for the cataracts as she was coping with that situation could react to light & dark possibly had perifferal vision but treatment for glaucoma as stated drops and metacam

Dr. Scott : Cataracts and glaucoma are not easy issues to deal with in people or animals. The glaucoma is likely secondary to the cataract formation. The medications you are currently using are the best options for the glaucoma. I would try adding cataract eye medication as well. Decreasing the cataracts may fix the glaucoma issue. There are only a few medications to try. I found both on UK websites for purchase. Both are trial and error and it make take several weeks to see significant improvement. They do not work in all patients. In a dog this age I would usually pursue surgery options if the cataract medication does not help. Here are the links to what I have used in these situations:
Dr. Scott :
Dr. Scott :