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My 11 year old springer spaniel has been allergy tested and

Customer Question

My 11 year old springer spaniel has been allergy tested and found to be allergic to most things including some foods. I have changed his food and this has helped but he still has reactions due to other allergens such as dust which result in him rubbing his face, chewing his paws, scratching his ears, etc. The strangest part of this problem is that when he is having an allergic reaction his body reacts in exactly the same way as he does when he's taking steroids ie he drinks excessively, urinates alot more and occasionally in the house even though he has been perfectly house trained for years, and even becomes hyper resulting in disturbed sleep and him getting me up during the night. I think this may be why his skin does not have any visible sores just saliva stained patches on the white parts of his paws. I have recently tried him on antihistamines but these made the steroid type symptoms even worse and he was every 2 hours during the night. Any suggestions please?
Please note he has been tested for diabetes, Cushing's, etc all test results and scans were clear and indicated he was perfectly healthy apart from the allergies.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Dog