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My lab sized lab has just had stitches throat wound.

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My lab sized lab has just had stitches for a throat wound. He's doing well, but any suggestions about protection from him scratching it. Already been suggested that I use part of the leg of a pair of large size ladies' tights! Is this a good idea or have you any other suggestions?
The puncture is quite high up and he also has bruising in the surrounding area.
Thank you
James Kean
I am sorry to hear about Ted. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.
The tights might slide up or down. You need to anchor at the bottom and top. You might try a large turtle neck, cut the arms short and put it on so the turtle neck covers the sutures, and his legs being in the arms of the turtle neck keeps it from sliding up. You might, if the neck part is large enough, cut holes for his ears to try to keep it from sliding down.
I might use some stockinette tubing (any vet office should have some) over his head, with ear holes, with the bottom fastened to his collar. Your ladies tights, if large enough and not too thick and hot, might work with ear holes and fastened to his collar.
Let me know what else I can answer. Hope he heals soon!
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Thank you for the great rating and bonus.