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My dog is not eating ; 6 weeks ago he had a 7 inch tumour removed

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My dog is not eating ; 6 weeks ago he had a 7 inch tumour removed from his tum....and his spleen ; totally recovered been on hills prescription after a bought of sickness and put weight on prior to diahorrea he lost a kg ; now he's regained ....he had a check up on sat and was given the ok I'm going out every day and employ dog walking service so he's out for 3 hrs... He'll only touch food when I get in
I am sorry to hear you are worried about Toby. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help.
Was the 7 inch tumor inside him, or on the outside of his tum?
Was a biopsy done, to know what the tumor was? I am particularly concerned about the tumor on his spleen. These can be completely benign, but sometimes spleen tumors are cancerous and can spread to the liver, lungs, and heart. If you know his biopsy results, that would help me.
If he is not eating, that worrries me. Dogs can be secretive about not feeling well, and not eating is often the only sign they show that something is wrong. It could be related to the spleen tumor spreading internally to other places.
If you look at his gums, are they bright pink in color, or do they look pale to you?
To get him eating, we need to find the underlying problem that is making him not want to eat. Knowing the biopsy results on the tumors is where I would start. If the spleen tumor was not benign, or if his gums look pale to you, I would take a chest Xray to look at his heart and lungs.
Let me know what else I can answer or help with.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

THE TUMOUR WAS INSIDE AND IT WAS not TESTED THE VET LOOKED AT HIS GUMS on saturday and said the colour was ok he will eaten certain things if offered by hand ....I had a meal out the other night and saved a bit of steak ....I gave him the tin from a fray bentos pay with meat and gravy in ....licked spotless but he wont eat out of the bowl

If the tumor was not tested, it may have been a cancerous tumor, called hemangiosarcoma.
I would do some basic blood tests to check for anemia, and a chest Xray.
When dogs have cancer, they gradually stop eating. First they stop eating their regular dog food, but will eat special food or table food. SInce he is showing signs of a poor appetite, after having a spleen tumor removed, I would be worried the two problems are related. By not eating, he is telling us something is wrong, and I would start looking for the cause if he were mine.
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How is Toby doing?
Thank you for the good rating. Let me know how he is doing.