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We have 10 5mns loving Irish terrier Very friendly &

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we have 10 5mns loving Irish terrier bitch Very friendly & good with other dogs. Sadly recently gone blind. Would another younger dog give her more confidence fun companionship ? Country home. Never left except for shopping etc we are moving house to another country home. Vet is concerned for her anxiety levels .She has heart problems & he is supportive of euthanasia. She has recently fallen in 2 ponds & a river .Today she refused to cross small stream with stones overlaying ( she is familiar with this walk ) Had to carry her across. Constantly bumping into trees furniture but only totally blind in last few weeks. Operation last autumn to remove eye due to nonresponsive glaucoma.
Hello, I am sorry to hear about Rosie. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help.
It will be difficult for her when you move, but in my experience, blind dogs do learn to adapt to new situations. It sounds like she has already learned to avoid water, after falling into the ponds and river. As far as bumping into things, if she is hurting herself they do make helmets for blind dogs. I just saw a Saint Bernard who had both eyes removed from glaucoma with a helmet and it helped her a lot.As far as getting a new young dog, it might be a huge help. I have seen dogs become "seeing eye dogs" for other blind dogs. However, the new dog may just make Rosie nervous and upset. It really depends on the personality of the two dogs, if they get along and help each other. I would only get another dog if you yourself want one. I never recommend getting a dog just for the dog.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

No I would want another especially fond of terriers. Rosie is excellent with babies & children .We have 4 grand children including 11mns baby. Would a puppy be better than a grown dog ? Have always had puppies & rather wary of rescue dogs.

If you are used to raising puppies, then I would get a puppy. Has Rosie been exposed to puppies much?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


A puppy might be hard for her to accept if she is not used to them. Puppies tend to try to befriend adult dogs, but they can be too playful and spend too much time with the adult dog. Again, it depends a lot on the personalities of the two dogs.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

She has never reacted badly to other dogs but was attacked by a Staffie & a guard German Shepherd who slipped lead. ( awful record but she has never been neglected..on both occasions i was with her.& rushed her to vet ).She is still friendly to other dogs.

Then I would pick a dog that suits you, and if possible, test Rosie's reaction to the new dog or puppy before completely committing.
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