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Is there an other way of finding out if a is pregnant

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Is there an other way of finding out if a bitch is pregnant or is a scan the only way
I'm Dr. Jo and I'm here to help you with your question about determining pregnancy in your bitch. Cavaliers are such beautiful dogs! I can understand why you're eager to know.
There are two reliable methods for detecting pregnancy: imaging, which you mentioned, either via x-ray or ultrasound. Ultrasound can pick up on pregnancy earlier than x-rays can. For x-rays to be useful, the puppies have to be old enough to have bony skeletons.
And there is a blood test, called a Witness test. I'll get the details for you...
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

can I have info on blood test please

The Witness Relaxin test can detect pregnancy as early as 20 days after ovulation. It is run on a small sample of serum (from the blood) and most vets charge around $60-$85 to run one.
You can read more about it here...
While pulling up that link, I was surprised to see that anyone can purchase these tests on Amazon, as well.
Keep in mind, however, that Amazon only sells them in a 5-test kit package and you'd need to be able to draw a blood sample and separate off the serum or plasma.