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DrMelJ, Veterinarian
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Approx two hours ago my 9 yr old cocker spaniel began acting

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Approx two hours ago my 9 yr old cocker spaniel began acting strange, sluggish and not really her active self. She refuses to lay on her side or roll on her back but insists on opting for "a lion on a gate pose" (sorry can't explain any better) almost trying to sleep with her head up. When she stands it is by lifting her back end first and almost stretching while her front legs are remain flat to the floor and stays in this position for some time before walking very slowly. The only unusual thing eaten was a small piece of garlic bread dropped on the floor, could this be causing the problem, ?she as eaten this before without a problem. Is there anything we can administer
Hi there. Thanks for the question. It definitely sounds like your dog is showing signs of abdominal pain. That is what the posturing and strange movements mean. It is certainly possible the garlic bread is the cause...leading to some GI upset. You could try giving some famotidine (Pepcid AC). Give 10 mg orally. Try to encourage some water intake. Don't give any other food for a few hours...then just a small meal. You can also give some pain meds. If you have dog specific medication like rimadyl or previcox or metacam , that's great....give 1 dose. If not, you can give one 81 mg human buffered aspirin (baby aspirin)....assuming your cocker is typical size of about 20-40 lbs. do not give ibuprofen or Tylenol or any other human medication. If she continues the strange posturing or can not hold down food or water, then get to a vet immediately. I hope this helps. Best wishes.
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