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Rebecca, Dog Veterinarian
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I have a Boston terrier she 5 year old and she's been bleeding

Customer Question

I have a Boston terrier she 5 year old and she's been bleeding for over 18 days is this normal . I'd a stud dog with her on the 10th to the 14th day and she would not stand for him. What shall I do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Rebecca replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry to hear you are worried about Candy. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.
Usually a dog bleeds for about 21 days of the heat cycle, so 18 days is not unusual. Usually you see red discharge the first 7 days, then a straw colored discharge the second 7 days, then red again for another week, so this actually does sound normal.
However, at 18 days, she is probably past the time she will get pregnant. As a "rule of thumb" we recommend trying to breed her between days 7 to 13. If she did not stand for a stud dog on those days, there could be many reasons. Is she an experienced female, has she been bred before?
It is probably too late to get her bred on this cycle, at 18 days she is probably past ovulation.
When was she last in heat? Was it about 6 months ago? If it was more recent, and this bleeding started not long after her last heat, she could have a problem such as an infection in the uterus.
If you are worried about her, if the heavy red blood continues much longer, I would have her checked by a veterinarian. Is she acting OK, eating normally?
Let me know what else I can answer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes she's been bred before its 3 years . I brought her down on day 10 of her cycle and was there until day 14 of the cycle .. She just refused to stay for the dog
Expert:  Rebecca replied 2 years ago.
This could be due to a number of reasons: she may not have liked that particular dog; her hormones levels may not have been right for her to be in full standing heat and accept the male; she may have had a complication like an infection that affected her heat/hormone cycle. At day 10, it may have been a little late; usually it is recommended to introduce the male around day 7.
It is probably too late in her cycle now for her to ovulate, and be bred. If you want to breed her on the next heat, I would have either vaginal cytology or progesterone levels checked, starting around day 7 of the cycle, to try to predict when she is ready. If she does not stand or accept the male even if the tests say she is ready to breed, you may have to do artificial insemination.
You might consider another male next time, there may have been something about him she did not like.
Breeding can be complicated; it does not always go the way it should! Let me know if I can help with or answer anything else.