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My 1 year old maltese puppy has started banging her back end

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My 1 year old maltese puppy has started banging her back end into walls or doors.
Hi there. Thanks for the question. Let me see if I can help. Does it seem like she can't control her hind end? Is that what you mean? Or is she rubbing her hind end on things? Is she acting normal otherwise? Eating and drinking ok? Does she fall over or look drunk when walking?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

She is eating and drinking fine . She is deliberately knocking her back end into walls and doors otherwise acting normal. She does not fall over and can control her hind end.

Ok thanks for the information. It is probably that her anal glands are bothering her. These are two little sacks on either side of the inside of her rectum which normally release some lubrication during defecation. Sometimes they get impacted. You can try helping her express them by holding a warm (not hot) compress against her hind end for 5 minutes. If she expresses them you will see a thick brown discharge that smells a bit like rotten fish. Sometimes you have to have the vet express them if they are really stuck. This is what I think it most likely going on...other possibilities include: itchy hind end from fleas, allergies, etc.....or perhaps a behavioral thing to get attention (less likely), or maybe she is doing it because of pain in a hind leg or hip (again less likely as I think you would see her moving abnormally otherwise as well). I hope this helps. Best of luck.
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