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A few years ago my toy poodle feel to the floor n was

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A few years ago my toy poodle feel to the floor n was shaking holding knees in upward position panting and salivating after 10 mins of me calming him down he returned to normal. This frightened me n thought it was an epileptic fit. This happened once maybe twice a year now my dog is 8yrs old n it happens more frequently but now he copes with it n it seems he stretches out front legs too for short while why both back knees are scrunched up. Last yr vet told me due to patella but was very vague after reading up on this I was wondering what grade my dog could be. He doesn't suffer walking or jumping n apart from these collapsing episodes he has normal life. No videos or info I've read mentions anything about dogs falling to floor like mine does. Is it patella n if so what grade or could it be something else.
Welcome and thanks for asking your question. My name is***** am a licensed veterinarian. I am sorry for the delay in response. If you would like to continue can you please answer a few questions so that I can be well informed and give you the best advice. 1- How often is he having the collapsing episodes? 2- Are you saying he stretches his leg during the collapse or normal walking?There may be a slight delay between your follow ups and my replies as I type out a thorough reply for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

When he first started having them happened maybe twice a yr but now he is 8yrs old happen every 2/3 mths.

Can not walk at all in attack he lies down sometimes rolls on his side note his front legs lock too.

Friend, the collapsing that you are describing is consistent with a seizure. This has nothing to do with a patella luxation. When the patella is luxated the patient may have from an occasional mild lameness (Grade I) to non-weight bearing (Grade IV) lameness. If you are not seeing him lame, he likely has a grade I which is very mild but it should not cause him to collapse. He has 2 different problems.As far as the seizure, when a dog seizes there could be an underlying medical problem causing the seizure. Possible causes for seizures in dogs are an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism), kidney or liver disease, hypoglycemia, brain tumors, idiopathic (unknown), etc. to name a few causes. The most common cause is idiopathic epilepsy, meaning we do not know why the brain behaves in such manner but we can control the seizures with medications (phenobarbital or/and potassium bromide). In this case, I would keep an eye on him, if the seizures occur more than once a month medication should be started to stop or prevent the seizures. If your vet has not done so already I would also do some blood work to rule out most of the above mentioned diseases. Please do not forget to rate my answer - I hope you found it to be excellent. If there’s more I can do, please use the reply tab and let me know. It’s my goal to provide you with excellent service." Thank you for your business and I hope to work with you again soon! Dr. Peter
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