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My 12mth old Bernese mountain dog is always scratching,he does

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my 12mth old Bernese mountain dog is always scratching,he does not have fleas,he is treated every month,he does seem to have hot spots ,which are treated with tea tree skin cream,but no sooner has one bit cleared another patch flairs up,he has been on a raw diet all his life,so dont think its the food,but do wonder if it is an allergy to something, ive owned the breed 201 yrs never had one who scraches like he does
Hello. Thanks for writing in. An allergy is the most likely scenario. Environmental allergies are far more common than food allergies, so something (or multiple items) blooming and pollinating in the environment is the probable cause. You cannot completely rule out food allergies, though. Protein sources are the most common cause of food allergies, so any type of chicken, beef or other protein source is a possible culprit; and they can develop allergies to anything at any point in their life, even if have been eating it for a long time. You cannot develop an allergy to anything unless you have had previous exposure. It would probably be a very good idea to get him allergy tested by your vet and discuss potential allergy injections. That is the only way to treat the source of the allergy. They can probably prescribe medication to help control the flair ups as well. I would discuss potentially putting him on a medication safe for long term control as well. Atopica is the name of the medication in the USA, and I think it goes under the same name in the UK. Frequent bathing (sometimes as much as twice weekly) to wash off the allergens from the coat and starting an Omega 3 supplement (one made for dogs) can help greatly as well. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns before rating. Hope this helps.
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