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Dr. Altman
Dr. Altman, Veterinarian
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Experience:  Practicing small animal veterinarian for 18 years.
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Short summary (as short as it can be): Last Monday our 8

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Short summary (as short as it can be):
Last Monday our 8 yr old Weimaraner was acting a little odd, sleeping in places that he would not mormally sleep.
Tuesday late night (2am) he started vomiting and was sick 3 times over 4 hours (first all food came up, 2nd time some foot/water, third time just bile)
Wednesday - at vet, suspected pancreatitis so did snap test which showed abnormal. Admitted to vet whole day on fluids IV and antiemetic/pain meds. Home for the evening with low fat food but didn't want to eat much. A little subdued and not very active but otherwise ok.
Thursday am - back to vet, kept in again on IV. Home for the evening. Ate some low far food. Small normal bowel movement, urinating normally.
Friday am - back to vet, did another snap test. Still abnormal. Suggested went to animal hospital for weekend. Friday evening picked up from vet, had relatively normal bowel movement on way to be admitted to animal hospital.
Saturday am - animal hospital called to say that our dog was bright and would eat but as very nervous/skittish Wimaraner would be better off at home as fully hydrated. Picked up dog and went home with antibitotics and zantac only.
Saturday pm - at home, dog is whining a great deal and back legs trembling. Has urinated normally and another normal looking bowel movement but will not eat low fat food. Dog is walking up to water bowel and whining repeatedly but not drinking. Does eventually drink but is still whining. Will only stop whining/vocalizing when lying down on bed.
Saturday night - concerned for dog with back legs still trembling and whining, go back to animal hospital. Given antiemetic injection, pain killer injection and high strength antic acid/tramadol capsules to go home with. Vet suggested to try other food like chicken and brown rice. At home he is happy to eat roasted chicken breast with no fat and eats the rice too though would prefer only the chicken!
Today( Sunday) am - does not want to go outside in the morning after 8 hours sleep but no leg trembling anymore although still whining sometimes if not lying on bed. In early afternoon has a very loose bowel movement. Has not urinated or drank any water, refused even some water with tiny bit of honey. Has lifted leg once for a second as if to urinate but didn't and then whined a little bit went back inside.
Now - dog is still whining/vocalizing sometimes. Have fed another small meal of chicken/brown rice which he ate happily enough especially the chicken. Has not drunk or urinated to my knowledge for 12 - 18 hours. Temperature fine, not dehydrated. Heart rate fine. Is much more mobile and alert than yesterday, whining less but still whining sometimes. Still is most comfortable lying on bed at which point will stop whining.
I am still concerned that he is not urinating and is not drinking. While giving pain med pill earlier noted that one of back teeth is completely black and wondering if this is why does not want to drink/eat too much - specifically as yesterday he clearly wanted to drink but would just walk to bowl and whine.
Considering taking back to animal hospital now but really not sure what to do or if I should be concerned or just wait and see our normal vet in the morning?
Welcome to Justanswer! I am Dr. Altman and happy to assist you both today!I am so very sorry that you and Gre have been through so much together this past week!Thank you for the thorough history, I do understand your level of concern about not drinking/ urinating for 12-18 hours and still showing signs of whining. Have you been able to repeat the tramadol today? Has it helped with the whining? Looking at this PAIN ASSESSMENT FORM, where would you put him today?With your information of pink gums are they moist to the touch or dry/ /sticky?It sounds like you have a bit of medical knowledge, in order to ensure I am answering your questions clearly and concisely, are you in the medical field? I want to make sure I am not speaking over your head or giving too basic of information...The good news is there is some moisture in the rice he is eating and you can add water or a no salt broth to this mixture to ensure he is getting some moisture in his diet. I will await any further information you can provide...Thank you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi thanks for your response. I have no medical knowledge other than owning dogs for a long, long time with multiple vet visits and what I have picked up from those visits or read. I probably know how to check over my dogs for the basics such as temp, heart rate, respiration rate, dehydration and the basics.

He has had tramadol twice since being home, early this morning and then again today 8 hours later (within the last 90 minutes). I would put him on the pain scale somewhere between 1 and 2 other than the fact he seems ok when resting.

It is difficult to tell if he genuinely is in pain today or if he is just vocalizing - again today he is queit enough when lying on the bed and this is all he really wants to do. He is whining some when he gets up or if he follows us around but much less than last night but hard to tell if he is in pain or just wants something like food/drink/outside but when we offer any of those he doesn't seem to want (unless it is chicken!) and just whines more.

He is much more mobile today and quick enough on his feet when he wants to be - even barking and rushing to front door when the doorbell was rung.

Gums are pink and normal, not dry/sticky and are quick to return to pink from white when pushed etc (sorry not very technical description!).

Well you definitely do come across as having the medical knowledge!The good news is you can repeat the tramadol every 6-8 hours if needed and am happy that he is so low on the pain scale. Has it helped since the last 90 minutes with the whining?Is there any way to get him out on a short walk? It can help with any digestive cramping and nausea and potentially could help with the whining...? It also might help him with urgency to urinate. It sounds like he is not dehydrated and is in general comfortable so I don't believe you need to rush to the veterinary urgent care tonight. In reference, the gums returning to pink is the capillary refill time and is ideal < 2 seconds. :)Do you think he would be more interested in white versus brown rice? It is more palatable and will help bind his stools a bit as well as adding in additional moisture to the diet (you can add water to the mixture to add moisture and urge urination)
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