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We have two Tibetan terriers aged 13 & 4. Every now and then

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We have two Tibetan terriers aged 13 & 4. Every now and then we will find that one of them has weed in the house, even though they have 3 walks a day and can go out in the garden if they want to. We have no idea what is triggering this behaviour as we can go for months with no problem and then out of the blue it will start again. Our eldest dog is diabetic so we think when she does it it may be related to her blood sugars but the youngest dog is healthy. They are both female. We clean up after each mishap but we are at our wits end, can you help us?
David and Irene
Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having this problem with Etty and Evie. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help. It is possible that the diabetic dog is having accidents because of diabetes. Diabetics are prone to bladder infections, that can cause accidents because dogs with bladder infections have urgency to urinate, and can't hold their urine normally, and diabetics in general have to urinate more often and tend to have accidents in the house. The younger dog is probably reacting to the older dog urinating indoors, and marking her scent where the older one urinates. I would start by banning them from the upstairs, so these accidents can't happen. As long as they can get up there by themselves, this will continue. With housesoiling in dogs, you have to be proactive (prevent the unwanted behavior) not reactive (punishment of any kind after it has happened, like raised voices,etc.). I would start by putting a baby gate across the stairs, or closing the door to the rooms they go in to urinate. I would also do a urinalysis on both dogs to be sure there is no bladder infection, especially the diabetic. If there is an infection, treating it may help stop this. How well regulated is her diabetes? If her blood sugar is still too high, she has to drink more water and that predisposes her to indoor accidents. Let me know what else I can answer or help with. Rebecca
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Thank you for the good rating. Please let me know how they are dong and if you have any more questions. Rebecca