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Is there anything that can help a ten year old Yorky

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Is there anything that can help a ten year old Yorky bitch with incontinence?
Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you today.

How long has she had this issue?
Does she dribble urine all the time? Or just when sleeping?
When she passes urine actively, is it large or small volumes?
Does her urine look very watery or dark or bloody?
Does she seem to need to go more often?
Any increase in Jess's thirst?
Any weight loss or appetite changes?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you Dr B

In answer to your questions I have only taken over the care of Jess in the last three months. When she passes urine it is small, very watery and she wants to go very often. I take Jess out to the local parks at least twice a day and as I live in a flat I take her out to the local gardens in between. I have tried puppy training mats but she preferes to go on the carpet.

I wouldn't say she consumes a great deal of water and she eats one good meal a day which has to be very soft and pate like as she has had to have most of her teeth removed because they were loose and smelling.

I hope you can help, regards Dave

Thank you Dave, Now as I am sure you can appreciate, urinary habits like this can be triggered by a range of issues. Based on her signs, this doesn't sound like true incontinence. Instead if she is showing increased frequency despite passage of small volumes of urine, this is most often due to a bladder infection. Less common causes include bladder stones, urine crystal issues and bladder tumors.

Now with these in mind, we'd really want to consider a check with her vet. If she is due a bolster soon, we'd want to think about moving that appointment up. And if possible we'd want to collect a urine sample for the vet to analyse. They can confirm infection, rule out crystals and tumors. As well, the can make sure the urine isn't watery due to underlying issues like diabetes, kidney disease, or any other systemic issues.
Depending on their findings, your vet can advise you of treatment options for your lass. And hopefully as infection is the most common, it will just be a case of treating with antibiotics to clear this for her.
Take care,
Dr. B.
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