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Dr. Stacy
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My 15 months old lab retriever has been sick 4 times in

Customer Question

Hi, my 15 months old lab retriever has been sick 4 times in the last 24 hours. Once last night during his final walk/playtime, twice late last night and once today within the last hour. I've checked his abdomin for any pain or swelling and there doesn't appear to be any. He seems lively and alert and went for a long play walk/run this afternoon.
I did change his food yesterday as I ran out of his usual, Eden dry dog food... I have to order this online... so I bought a similar version from the pet shop which doesn't contain rice or pasta. However, the quality is not as good as Eden and the kibble contains a great deal of potato and similar fillers. Could this be the cause of his sickness maybe?
I also own a cat that had the runs but no sickness over the weekend. It has now cleared up. My dog also had loose stools but this has also cleared up. Now he's been sick 4 times. Could there be a connection?
I've put my dog in his cage which is in my bedroom in a warm, cosy place. Should I keep him off food until the morning? Is it ok to keep fresh water near him so he doesn't get dehydrated?
Please help.
Many thanks,
Lee Jones
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog
Expert:  Dr. Stacy replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. My name is***** I have been a small animal veterinarian for 13 years. I'm sorry to hear about your puppy.Switching food suddenly can definitely cause some stomach upset, but typically it causes diarrhea, rarely vomiting.At this age I would worry about a few things... first, parvo virus is always a concern in a young dog that has not finished all his vaccines (he probably needs one more at this age correct?), but parvo usually makes them quiet lethargic. My second concern is what we call 'dietary indiscression' in puppies.. this could involve eating anything from cat litter to stuffing from a toy to something they found in the yard. And it can range from a couple episodes of vomiting to becoming severely ill.As long as he is not lethargic and dose not have a painful abdomen you can withhold food for tonight. I wouldn't withhold water, but only let him drink a little at a time to make sure he will hold it down. So don't fill the bowl all the way up.. just a little and if he drinks it add more later.I don't think there is any connection with the cat being sick... there are almost no diseases that cats and dogs share. There are a few parasites that he could get eating cat stool, but they generally cause diarrhea, not vomiting and your veterinarian will likely check for them.Dr. StacyIf you have additional questions, please ask. If not, please rate my answer.