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nekovet, Veterinarian
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There is something in my dogs eye. When I look close it looks

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There is something in my dogs eye. When I look close it looks like a piece of her eye has come away and is catching on her third eye lid. She doesn't seem to be in pain but she is constantly rubbing it. I have a video that I could upload to show. She is insured by pet plan would this be covered if she needs to be operated on?
Hello and welcome, I am Dr. B and would like to help.
Now if you can post your video on YouTube and paste the link here, I'd be happy to have a look for you.
Otherwise based in your description, this sounds like she may have a severe corneal ulcer that is leaving a flap hanging. Now this is a worry since rubbing could make this much worse.
Furthermore, with how delicate eyes are and the risk of rubbing causing deeper damage that could compromise the eye and lead to needing it removed, we'd be best to have her seen urgently. If there is any delay in doing so, then do get a buster collar from the local pet store to stop her rubbing. You can also flush the eye with first aid eye wash and use plain artificial tears ( nothing that says its for getting red out though ) to soothe the eye.
Finally Pet Plan is a very good insurance. So as long as Lady hasn't an exclusiom for her eyes based on previous issues, then they should cover her care for this.
So, in this case, it sounds like severe corneal damage that needs urgent care. So do phone her vet. Some have open hours on Sunday but all will have out of hours care options for situations like these.
Please take care,
Dr. B
Customer: replied 2 years ago. you for taking a look.
Goodness, the poor love.
It does look like a severe and quite deep corneal ulcer. If Lady were my patient, I would want this seen to and on treatment ( at least drops and pain relief over the weekend) urgently. So we'd want to have her seen here. And I would just note since you mentioned pet plan, you could see if her vet will do a direct claim from the insurance for this to make things easier for you.
All the best,
Dr. B
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for confirming this for me and for being kind and empathetic. I shall get Lady treated ASAP. Many thanks again.