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My 14 month old Border was on raw food but my previous Borders

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My 14 month old Border was on raw food but my previous Borders were on Kibble and I changed from the raw to Canegan. There is so much being written about feeding dogs, I am now at a loss to know which is best. I never have had a fat dog, always very slim.
Mrs Robinson
Hello, Thanks for your questions about Nico. Is he a Border Terrier, or a Border Collie? My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help. I agree; there are so many diets, and so much written it is hard to know what is best. I know the dog nutritionists are not at recommending grain free diets for dogs, but recommend (if there are no health issues) a diet moderate in protein and fat and relatively low in carbohydrates. Raw diet is very controversial. I have seen some dogs do well on them, but have heard of dogs getting E. coli and Samonella infections from raw food, and getting intestinal obstructions and fractured teeth from bones. My dog was raised on a high protein (but not grain free) diet until recently; now she is on a diet (kibble) that is for older dogs with joint problems. I personally would not feed raw diet to my own dog. We do not have Canagan in the US, but it sounds like a good choice to me from what I see about it. Let me know what else I can answer. Is this helpful?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Rebecca. Nico is a Border Terrier and my last two each lived until they were 16 years old, so I must be doing something right! Its just one sees so many different comments re food these days. The breeders had Nico on turkey necks, rabbit, tripe etc.- a VERY raw diet and I was not happy. He was far too thin. (They were showing him and he was winning prizes but grew too tall. I have had him 7 weeks).Also its not easy feeding raw and keeping it fresh. Canagan does have good reports and it is British. Thank you for your re-assurance. I reckon I'm doing the right thing. I did not realise this is an American site!I do appreciate your comments. Thank you!
I agree; I am a veterinarian and I find it all confusing.
This is actually an international site; I answer questions from all over! As long as the questions are in English. There are some French and Spanish speaking veterinarians on the site.
It sounds like you are doing a great job. Thank you for the great rating. Rebecca