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My French bulldog is 5 months and she coughs and brings up

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My French bulldog is 5 months and she coughs and brings up foam, she does it in the morning and when she gets excited, she has been seen by other vets and they don't know why she does it, please help
Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today. What tests have they done?What treatments have been tried?Does she vomit at all or regurgitate her food?How long has she had these signs?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The vets have only just looked at her, and haven't given her anything, she vomits up white foam in the morning, and she coughs in the morning and when she gets excited, she has been like it since she born
Thank you,Based on the pattern of her coughing/retching and the fact she has had this ongoing since she was born, we'd be highly suspicious of a congenital airway issue. The most likely cause is tracheal collapse. This is a condition where the dog in question has softer cartilage rings in her trachea then is ideal. So, when they tense their neck muscles when suddenly increasing activity (like getting up for the day) or when excited, it collapses the round tracheal tube leading to them coughing to get it back open. And if the dog has to put quite a bit of effort into doing so, we can see them bring up froth, foam, or saliva. This is quite common in the smaller breeds and is commonly reported in the French Bull dog.Otherwise, we would also have to be wary that she could have a shortened trachea, an overgrowth of her soft palate, or even her epiglottis (the tissue that covers the entrance to the airway).In regards ***** ***** to these situations, it does depend on how severe this is for her. Some dogs are only mildly affected and avoiding collars +/- using mediation to reduce throat inflammation/cough may be enough. For those that are more severe, we may need her vet to scope her airway to see how many of these issues are present (since we can see more than one cause bother). If any of those overgrowths are present, they can surgically modified. But if the trachea is overly short or severely collapsing then treatment can be trickier. We cannot extend the trachea but severe tracheal collapse can be stented (where a prosthetic trachea is implanted to prevent the collapse). In those cases, that is a specialist procedure that she'd have to be referred for once full grown.Overall, her signs do fit with a few different issues. Still, given her breed and this being ongoing since birth, we can assume this is a birth based defect. So, we'd want to assess how severe this is for her. If her vets haven't tried anything, then medical management could be tried. Otherwise, we may need them to scope her so we know which changes are present and can address this properly for her.Please take care,Dr. B. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have any other questions, please ask me – I’ll be happy to respond. **Please rate my service afterwards, as this is the only way I am credited for helping you today. Thank you! : )
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help today ūüĎć
You are very welcome, my dear.Best wishes to you both,Dr. B.