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My dog has eaten a bit of milk chocolate. He has done it before

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My dog has eaten a bit of milk chocolate. He has done it before when he has gone through bins and he's been fine when checked over by the vet.
He's now got an eye that he won't open very well and keeps squinting. Could this be connected.
He's been sick but he's fine in himself. He's charging around with other dogs and playing with his toys etc
Hi. Welcome to Just Answer. My name is***** Thank you for your question. I'm going to be honest and say that eating of milk chocolate shouldn't cause any eye issues. When dog is holding an eye shut / squinting with it, I'm more suspicious of actual injury to the eye itself. The most common thing that can suddenly show up like this is a scratch / ulcer on the surface of the cornea. Sometimes they can have some foreign material inside the eye that can cause discomfort like this. My best recommendation is to get him to your vet to have them evaluate the eye and to stain it with fluorescein to see if there is an ulcer there At my ER, about 80% of cases similar to what you're describing turn out to be corneal ulcers. The sooner this is seen and treated by your vet, the better.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I will get him booked in first thing in the morning. I have put basic golden eye eye drops in there to help try flush it out.
With regards ***** ***** chocolate he's pooing fine, weeing fine, he's brought up lots of clear fluid today but he's still his normally lively self. Still begging for food which he's not getting.
I'm hoping for the best for his eye situation. Hopefully it is something like a simple ulcer that responds quickly to topical medications started up. If a very small amount of milk chocolate is eaten, it typically doesn't cause an issue. As the amount goes up, that is where you can start to see signs of diarrhea and vomiting. Larger amounts can cause tremors, increased heart rate and potential seizures. The good news is that the milk chocolate is very low on the "toxicity" scale as it falls below dark chocolate, cocoa, and baking chocolate. Those take way less to get to a critical point.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It was definitely milk chocolate. I hate dark chocolate. He's been 'sick' about ten times with this clear fluid. He's not showing any signs of diarrhoea. He's been solid all the time and he's drinking plenty.
He is a bit warm but he's been chasing his ball.
He's a bulky border terrier. He's eaten about 4 small hollow chocolates. They were cheap nasty chocolates.
I thought being 2 and a bit he had grown out of this rummaging malarkey but obviously not.
Sounds like his stomach is upset pretty good. It may settle down if you pull food and water for about 4 hours. For some, after they vomit it out and then let it rest, things will quiet down. Others can be more upset and potentially have pancreatitis from it. These are ones that have the vomiting continue and they need to have veterinary intervention to have anti-nausea medication started up and possibly fluids. Hopefully his stomach settles here soon.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I hope so. Hopefully a night of sleep will help him.
Thank you for your help.
I'm glad to help.
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