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nekovet, Veterinarian
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I have just taken my 18 month dog to the vet. He was

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I have just taken my 18 month dog to the vet. He was vomiting clear bile and having bloody diarrhoea, even to the point of just blood. He was clearly experiencing some discomfort. I am very anxious. Any advice on what it could be? He is otherwise happy and playful.

Hello & welcome, I am Dr. B, a licensed veterinarian and I would like to help you with your wee one today.

How long has he had these signs?

What treatments is he on just now?

What tests did his vet do so far?

Is Billy up to date on vaccinations?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He is fully vaccinated to my knowledge, I have always done what the vet has recommended. I am waiting for a call from the vet. He is on no medication. Symptoms visibly started around 2 am. He was sick numerous times. I took him to an emergency vet 8 am.

Thank you,

Did the ER vet give anything by injection (since it'd be odd to see him and not treat him)?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He is with them now. She suggested a couple of possibilities. Toxi or something like that, or maybe he has swallowed a toy. She wasn't certain. He is having his bloods done and she will put him on a drip as he was a little dehydrated. No results back yet. If he does not perk up she will x ray. Just very worried. I appreciate it must be difficult to diagnose with such limited info. Also, his teeth and eyes were fine apparently, a physical inspection suggested no pain. He had a low temperature. 37.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
She also said she would give him a sedative of some sort. Do these seem like classic symptoms of any kind?

Thank you,

Now I share your concern about Billy and I am glad he is already hosptialized and on a drip.

In regards ***** ***** signs, we’d be worried about foreign bodies but even more we'd be concerned about hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, parvo or distemper. Otherwise, our other concerns for bloody diarrhea and vomiting would be bacterial agents like Clostridia, Salmonella, Campylobacter and to a lesser extent protozoa (ie Coccidia, Giardia, etc). Just to note, all of these can cause cramps and can be uncomfortable.

So, its good he is there but we need them to be testing a stool sample for those bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Since it is the weekend, if they don't have their own lab, they should at least be able to test for parvo and examine a stool sample for the protozoa. And that way they can narrow these concerns down along with their xray +/- antibiotics to give us the best chance of keeping him stable and helping him to fight this.

Please take care,

Dr. B.


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok, thanks for you advice. I will follow this up with the vet. I know he has been vaccinated for parva. I have lost a puppy to that in the past. Again, thank you. Hopefully I will get encouraging news soon.

You are very welcome,

Since he has been, we'd hope its a lesser issue but it is worth checking since there are some very aggressive strains. Otherwise, he sounds to be in the right place and hopefully as they rehydrate him and work to confirm the cause of his signs, they can get him onto the road to recovery.

Best wishes,

Dr. B.