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My Chihuahua has been acting strange. She's been looking up

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Hi my Chihuahua has been acting strange. She's been looking up and sniffing. She can be distracted by noise aversion. Is this normal? She's had blood tests at vets which was normal but they want to refer her to a neurologist. We are worried we cannot afford the fees. She's become much better over the weekend and doesn't do it as often.She has not long come off heat and i am wondering if this could be something to do with that or OCD rather than something neurological like epilepsy.

Hi. My name is***** Has your vet specifically seen this "strange" behavior? Did they do any treatment for it? Is she still eating and drinking?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not in person she hadnt, but we did show her videos of her doing it. They didn't give any treatment but have referred her to a neurologist 3 hours away. She's eating and drinking fine. Only difference in her is she used to play with her toys but for the past month she doesn't play at all. She's only just come off heat the past few weeks. She's 2 and a half years old, so didn't know if her not playing was just down to her growing out of being a puppy?

Thank you for that good information. That use of the video footage for allowing them to see what she's doing is very good. I will recommend that for episodes that are happening where they may not be repeatable at the clinic. This is a situation where obviously they have recommended the referral as they feel there is a chance that there is something more causing this behavior. Cost is always a factor in determining what is being done. She is clinically improving as you feel and that is something that gives you the chance to give her more time to see how she continues to do. Could she continue to improve and get back to normal? That is the unknown. As long as she's breathing normally, eating well, drinking well, and not obviously getting worse, then time to wait and see is your choice. Could these events be focal seizure activity? You could straight out tell your vet that financially the referral isn't an option and they need to help you as best as they can. Could she have a liver shunt that is causing this? They could do some bile acid testing pretty easily in the clinic to see if this is further indicated.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's what we assumed it was, seizures, but calling her name, she snaps out of it straight away and it's only for a few seconds she does it. Her appointment at the neurologist is on monday. it's £250 for the consultation. I'm not entirely sure what they are going to do but they do not want her to eat after 10pm the night before. Do you recommend that we take her to the appointment? I have pet insurance that covers up to £1000 per condition, but i'm worried that ct or mri scans that she may need will be over £3000.

I would keep that appointment if you can. Not feeding is their planning ahead for a possible bile acid test or possible anesthesia event preparation. You can use that amount for the pet insurance and then see what they can offer and recommend. They will work with what you can afford.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Okay thank you so so so much for your help. Having a second opinion on it has made my mind up that it's best to take her. Thank you

I'm hoping for the best outcome for this little one. It sounds like she's a very special girl to you. Give her a good belly rub for me since I can't.

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