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Rebecca, Dog Veterinarian
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Please can you help me. My beautiful springer was put to

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Hi please can you help me. My beautiful springer was put to sleep a week ago. He was 13. He had been going off his food for a couple of months. He was an excellent eater all his life so was very noticeable. A year ago he was getting up in the night to pee too. And getting thinner last couple of months too. He fell down the stairs four weeks ago. Hurt his back. Took him to vet and he had tramadol injection and 10 days of carprieve (carprofen) to take. He was miserable obviously cos I was carrying him for a while. His eating got worse and worse over next three weeks to the point of not eating at all ... Anything ... We tried everything and he just moved away from it. After 10 days of carprieve he had a blood test to make sure he was ok for an x Ray to check out his back. Results were very high phospherus ... BUN 280 .. CREATININ 12. Vet rang and said very very high levels and he is in kidney failure. In last few days he was so miserable and was losing weight rapidly. Vet said it may be time to put to sleep as we didn't want any fluid treatment for him. His life was amazing ... Full of food and three walks a day. My only question to you is this .... Could 10 days of carprieve had taken him to kidney failure and raised those levels quickly or was he probably in kidney failure by this time as he was not eating well and hadn't been for a couple of months. His amalase was high too. I cannot sleep for worrying that carprieve speeded up his death but he only had them for 10 days and his appetite was dwindling months before taking them. Thank you in advance. Emma


I am so sorry to hear about Joe and that he is gone. My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian and will do my best to help.

Since he had been going off his food for a couple of months, his kidney disease probably started before you noticed the change in his appetite. Getting up in the night to urinate is also a sign of kidney disease. If blood tests had been done when you took him in after he fell, you would probably have discovered that his kidneys were failing.

The carprieve was not good for his kidneys, but if it helped him to feel less pain, it was not all bad that he was given this medication for his pain. His kidneys were most likely already failing. If his kidneys were normal when the carprieve was started (unlikely in an older dog that was not eating, urinating more often, and losing weight) carprieve alone could not send up his kidney numbers as high as his were. The kidney disease was already there.

My sincere condolences for the loss of a dog that was obviously dear to you and much missed. Please let me know what other questions you have. Rebecca

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much Rebecca. That has helped me and my mum greatly. Was torn thinking about the carprieve. They had never upset him before ever in his life so we know he was always ok on them. Was just so worried they took him to absolute kidney failure in 10 days but he was already going off his food. First his breakfast then his lunch then his tea ... Mum would have to take it to him in the lounge cos he wouldn't come out. He ate like a pig for 13 years and never turned his nose up. I know his BUN and CREATININE were very very high and any treatment to give him any extra time was never ever an option. But I just read that NSAIDS were bad on the organs so it set me thinking that his kidneys were probably not too bad 10 days before his blood test but deep down I know his levels must have been pretty high before he took them for 10 days. My vet knew he was 13 and prescribed them but stopped them the minute levels showed on blood test. You wake in the night worrying about all these things. Horrible stories about Rimadyl killed my dog in 10 days etc but I now know that from your answer his kidneys were failing badly before he fell. Just needed to hear it from you Rebecca. I told my vet I didn't want a few months of fluid treatments and vet visits and he understood that so we had him put to sleep. The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I hope it gets easier day by day but right now I am racked with guilt ... A common feeling I am told. Joe had 13 years full of life. Can you answer one more thing for me? Why does end stage kidney failure come on so quickly? Although milder symptoms were obviously there. Mum has worried about his eating for couple of months. All so shocking. Thank you Rebecca x

You are welcome.

It is normal to feel like you do; it is grief and it will get better with time.

I don't think this came on quickly. I think it started before you first noticed the change in his appetite. I think he had chronic kidney disease that came on months ago, then you started noticing the symptoms of weight loss, loss of appetite, and more frequent urination. Most chronic diseases in older dogs start before the owners first notice the symptoms; dogs are good at hiding their not feeling good. By the time you notice they are not well, the disease is often advanced. I can't tell you how often I have seen dogs with a creatinine over 10, or a volley ball sized tumor inside them present as emergencies, and the owners were sure that the dogs were normal until that day.

Let me know how else I can help.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so very much Rebecca. I have read that Kidney Failure is noticeable when too late. Looking back we can now see the chronic earlier stages that so many owners put down to old age. You have put my mind at rest ref carprieve which was worrying me and my mum sick. He stopped eating pretty much altogether and on the last eve he wasn't even in the same room as us which he NEVER did in 13 years. I think 13 is a fantastic age for my springer so very grateful for that. I've never put an animal down so the guilt surprised me but deep deep down I know I put my dog 100% first always and at the end. Kidney failure is miserable and am glad I didn't strive to keep him going for few months just for my benefit. You have been lovely. I don't know you but your kind words which are much needed at the moment have lifted me and my mum enormously. We would like another puppy but need time to think on that. They wanted to do all sorts of tests and drips to check pancreas too but am very glad we didn't. Thank you so very much xx

I am so glad I helped to make you feel better. I am quite certain you did the right thing; I would have done the same if my beloved dog had numbers as high as Joe's.

Let me know if I can help with anything else. Kindly consider rating my answer, so the website knows I assisted you and let me know how you are doing and if you get a puppy!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you so much. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Well we have had dogs all our lives and we adore sprinters so it would be a liver and white Welsh springer puppy for sure. Would love to keep you posted. How do I keep in touch with you? If I started a thread again how would I know it would be you???Emma

You can always pick up this thread again by going to My Questions on this website. Rating my answer will not close the question.

If you start a new thread, you can request me by saying "For Rebecca Only" in the opening.

Rebecca and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well that's what I will do Rebecca. Going to rate you now.Thank you so much ... So kind ... Will let you know how we are getting on x

Thank you for the great rating and the bonus.

Again, my sincere condolences.