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My 34kg Golden Retriever may have ingested a small amount of

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My 34kg Golden Retriever may have ingested a small amount of sultanas. I am extra careful about grapes and sultanas but my parents bought bird feed, which is mostly seed with very few sultanas and have been putting it out on the ground for about four days.I only noticed today that it had sultanas in it and this was about an hour ago, and after witnessing Sophie-dog eating some of the mix about two hours ago.My Dad is going to take her to the Vets when he's back from work in one hour but I know this will be too late to induce vomiting.I just read someone else asking a Vet (Dr Scott Nimmo) a similar question on this site and being told that their dog of a similar weight would need to eat roughly 82 raisins to be at risk (0.02 ounces per kg) but I've also heard that raisin/grape toxicity is not dose dependent from another UK Vet so I'm confused??Should we get fluid therapy etc for this? The mix is mostly seeds.


Dr. Paul Brazzell here

You are correct!

Do you have hydrogen peroxide at home?

If so please give 2.0 ml/kg right now


Are you still there?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hello,I don't have any to hand. She may not have ingested a single sultana as the mix is mostly seeds. We are taking her to the Vet as soon as possible when I get the car in an half an hour. Do they definitely need to make her vomit?

If she ate even a few raisins then yes

The amount of raisins ingested does NOT correlate to the clinical signs


Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Ok, thank you. We took her to the Vet and he's taken bloods as she has been exposed to the bird seed for 4 days now. I'm just hoping she'll be ok.

Very welcome!

Thanks for the update

Let me know the results of the blood tests



Dr. Paul Brazzell here

How is our patient


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