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Maggie is a mastiff cross akita. 7 years old. 8 days ago she

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Maggie is a mastiff cross akita.
7 years old.
8 days ago she very suddenly loss the use of her right hind leg. Within 30 mins she couldn't use either back leg or tail. We took her to emergency vet. She has had xray and mri.
The next day she had movement in her left and small in tail. Right still showes no improvement. Her left leg doesn't seem to be strong enough to take her weight.
Our vet has said that xray and mri didn't show anything definitive. They are treating her with physiotherapy but for the last 3 days there has been no change. If they can't find evidence of herniated disc or anything causing the pressure on the spine. It's not meningitis. Is there anything else it could be or any other treatment available.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
4 things the vets have said it could be.
Meningitis but they ruled that out because she made some improvement with out the treatment.
Slipped disc
Herniated disc
Stroke of the spine these last 3 they couldn't prove with mri.
My concern is they are saying there should have been improvement but if you can't tell me what is wrong how can they expect improvement? Am I being unreasonable/stupid?

I am sorry to hear about Maggie. It is frustrating that she has this neurologic problem but the MRI did not show anything. I just came online and saw your question; I am sorry you have been waiting for an answer.

Did they do a spinal tap? If there is meningitis, infection, or inflammation, or cancer in the spinal cord a spinal tap might get you a diagnosis.

If this was a stroke, she might have high blood pressure; I assume they are checking her blood pressure.

Since there is no diagnosis, I might consider acupuncture and/or cold laser treatment.

Does she have control of her bladder and bowels; is she urinating and defecating on her own? Is she eating?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
As far as I can remember no spinal tap. Blood pressure was high but now normal.
She is defecating on her own. Only yesterday and today.
She hasn't urinated on her own. And they were worried so they put a catheter in. And it is still in but they were talking about removing it today.
What is cold laser?
Is there any other condition that would present with these symptoms but not show anything on the scans.

Cold laser, like acupuncture, is a nontraditional therapy to try to stimulate nerve function.

A fiborcartilaganeous embolism (FCE) might show these signs, but should show up on MRI.

Degenerative myelopathy would not show up on MRI, but is usually not sudden like this.

A tumor in the spinal cord may or may not show up on MRI; a spinal tap and analysis of the fluid might be helpful.

Please let me know how she is doing, if this is helpful and if you have other questions.

I did not hear from you; how is Maggie doing?

Was this helpful; do you have other questions?

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Thanks for the good rating. How is Maggie doing?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
She is home. She can put all her weight on left leg now and can stand unaided. She is trying to walk but is struggling with her right leg which she seems to only be able to move at the hip. She has some movement in her tail. The biggest issue at the momen is she can't seem to control going to the toilet. Where as before she wasn't going at all. Now she doesn't seem to control when. Also she has got a sort of popping noise in her right hip on the right, what could that be?

I am not sure what it could be; have they taken an Xray of the hip to be sure it is not popping out of joint?