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Dr. Christie, Dog Veterinarian
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My Bernese Mountain Dog, often consumes objects that he

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Hello,My Bernese Mountain Dog, Arnold often consumes objects that he shouldn't. These are usually opportunistic snaffles and until now, anything eaten from the street or, the park has ben passed out in his stools, or, by vomiting them up. In March this year he had to have surgery to remove three tennis balls that he had swallowed, which was costly, but more importantly, rough on him physically and on us emotionally.My dog walker said that he had possibly rated tray in the park, last Wednesday or Thursday, so I made a mental note to keep an eye out for it. Yesterday morning, he vomited up a portion of a plastic food wrapper. He then was sick twice more...just small pools of bial.He then ate yoghurt that I gave him to have something in hi stomach to settle it, went on his morning dog walk and behaved normally, then returned, ate a full breakfast and went to sleep. he was more subdued than usual and did;t seem to be able to get comfortable. Around 12m, he began to show signs that he wanted to vomit again and pretty much silently, an hour later, omitted up a huge amount of liquid and a portion of corn on the cob (2.5" x about 1.5'). He then couldn't seem to get comfortable at was sick a couple more time but small amounts. About 15 minutes later, he had another huge vomit and a smaller portion of corn on the cob came up, after which he seemed much brighter.There was only tiny remnants of his breakfast, which I took to mean that he had digested it all.I booked an appointment with our vet at 3pm yesterday afternoon, during which time he seemed much more comfortable in himself. Our vet is very thorough and she felt his abdomen, which didn't seem to show any tightness, he didn't appear to be in discomfort, his temperature was normal and he farted while we were in there, which she said was a good sign (it smelled of egg). See discussed x-raying him, but she explained that we could do this but, unlike last time, where the tennis balls were very visible, it's possible we would't see much, either than pockets of gas and given that he seemed much better, we decided to watch and wait.We went for a short walk in the park afterwards and he was very energetic (chasing squirrels, chasing a ball) and brilliantly, he had a stool, which was nice and solid and normal looking (if anything it may have been a little harder than usual). Our vet told me to help him avoid dehydration, so when he drank out of a puddle of fresh rain water (he drank a lot) I don't stop him. When we returned home, he had several, large drinks from his bowls, shortly after which he vomitted it all back up in three vomits over a 2-3 minute period. He became subdued again. I did;t feed him because, even though our vet told me to keep his feeding normal, I was concerned that his stomach was simply expelling anything that went in.He drank small amounts of water throughout the evening (we let him drink but took the water bowl away after he had drunk some to avoid flooding his stomach and inducing vomiting). He seemed to show a slight interest in our food but was still very subdued.I took him with me, upstairs to bed around 10.30 but forgot to shut the door, meaning that he took himself downstairs at some stage in the evening. The water bowl was very low (we use the Mason and Cash, large dog feeding bowls and then fill one with water at the end of their meals. I was at my Mum's house and she also has a Bernese, so it may not have been entirely drained by Arnie but usually, on of the only reasons he travels during the night, even with the door open is to find water). Around 3-4am, my Mum hear Arnie being sick, but no gagging sound, more like coughing (he has;t gagged to vomit since the first time he vomitted yesterday morning, rather buried and the liquid comes's mostly silent). There was no food in his vomit (standard, as we didn't feed him last night), except for the odd pea.He is very sad today, very lethargic. I can't tempt him to eat or drink at all and our dog walker brought him home early because he wasn't benefitting from being out. He hasn't vomited since this morning. He had urinated and no stools, but that would stand to reason, given his lack of food.All this to ask...should I be panicking at this stage? My instinct is to see if he has stopped vomiting entirely (which I guess could take several hours, or even until tomorrow to ascertain) and hope his apetite picks up and that in time, it will right itself. It is extremely unusual for him to be off his food (I've never known him to food refuse, usually he's desperate to eat).

Hi this is Dr. Christie! I would like to try and help you with Arnie! I am sorry he isn't feeling well!

Yes I would be concerned at this time. While he is not continuously vomiting, he continues to have symptoms and has brought up a fair number of foreign material...plastic wrapper, corn cobs, etc. This is very concerning that there could be something more in there and that it may becoming obstructive at this time given his demeanor now.

Definitely pull his food and only offer small mounts of water at this time, though if he vomits that, I would also pull his water. I worry about dehydration too. It sounds as if he has vomited up quite a bit of liquid and can easily get dehydrated.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you Dr Christie. I'll phone my vet to discuss it. Many thanks.

Arnie should revisit his vet and either a barium study or an abdominal ultrasound at this time should be performed. A barium study is a dye they are fed which highlights their intestinal tract looking for obstructions. An abdominal ultrasound is a bit more sensitive to identifying foreign material in the digestive tract.

Your vet may also recommend some blood work if he has not had any yet just to ensure there are no other complicating factors such as an elevated white blood cell count, pancreatitis, or organ dysfunction.

I hope Arnie feels better! He sounds like a sweet dog who loves his food! :) I have a puggle who is the same way! Please let me know if you have any further questions! Best wishes!

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No further questions as this time but just to pass on my thanks. After our message conversation, prior to which I had managed to convince myself that a lack of vomiting meant a move in the right direction, I phoned my vet and was told to bring him straight in. They have been excellent with him, once again and we tried all sorts of angles to ascertain whether there was a blockage there before opening him up again. He’s spent the rest of the week bouncing between home, the vet and ‘out of hours care’ but finally, after no conclusive tests but him beginnijgmto vomit susptitious looming and smelling liquid, we decided to just go for it and he went into surgery again. A 2 inch piece of corn on the cob was located in his intenstine and his stomach was so full of water that he was beginning to show signs of damage to the stomach lining and intestinal section that was affected, although my vet informs me that it wasn’t too bad and it will heal itself in time. At the moment, he’s very poorly, much more so than last time but I know that will our tlc and further monitoring, he’llmturn ancorner in a few days. Beijgnournsecond time around, we’re pros : ) I’m now looking into ordering a Smuzzle from Australia for him to avoid this happening again. Thanks again for being so direct in your response on Wednesday. It got the ball and although it’s been a long few days, it needed to be done and we’re on the other side of it now. Many thanks, Laura