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My dog was sick this morning, his stomach is making gurgling

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Hi there,.my dog was sick this morning, his stomach is making gurgling type noises. He didn't want his walk. He's eaten some dry dog biscuits but not his usual meat. He's just had a big move from the countryside to London. So it could be stress related, or he's eaten something bad for him. Should I take him to a vet ?
Hi there, you are through to Dr Linda. I do apologise your question was not answered more promptly and hope that I can still be of help.
Has your dog been diagnosed with any medical issues and is he currently on any medicine?
Did he recently have any new treats/foods or exposure to anything he shouldn't e.g. plastic, weedkiller, antifreeze?
While he didnt want to go for a walk is he capable of walking about as usual (no lameness or stiffness)?
Any other symptoms e.g. panting, diarrhoea, lethargy?
Am I correct in saying he has vomited only once?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your response :) he has now eaten is food, and went out for a lunchtime walk just fine. He was only sick once, it was white foam.
He has been given new snacks, and his whole routine has changed. Theres a small chance he's eaten something plastic from the office floor, because i saw him chewing and then swallowing something yesterday.
He isn't on any medicine.
He was lethargic this AM, but no diarrhoea. The only other symptom was a gurgling stomach in the night and this AM.
Oh that's very reassuring.
Its especially good that he only vomited once and since then has held down his food without bringing it back up.
The gurgling can be 'normal' with a mild stomach upset.
For some dogs, a change in routine and new food/treats can cause a mild and temporary gastroenteritis. Its possible you will find he has softer stool for the next day or two as well.
This should be temporary and he should remain well in himself.
If he has chewed plastic and does develop an obstruction we should soon know as signs are rarely subtle. He will vomit and will be unable to hold food/water down. He will also be uncomfortable if touched on his belly and it can be bloated and tense. These dogs are really very unwell and signs are hard to miss.
You should be able to manage him at home as long as he continues to do well. You could offer him bland meals of chicken and rice today to prevent further vomiting. I wouldn't over-exercise him and would allow him to rest as much as he needs.
You see more than welcome to keep me updated on how he is getting on and to let me know if anything changes
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