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My dog had a bad case of AHGE and stayed in the vets over

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My dog had a bad case of AHGE and stayed in the vets over night where he received an IV and steroids.
He was back home last night and had a bit of diarrhea in the morning but we didn’t think much of it as there was no blood; this evening when he went to the toilet he had black/red diarrhea and then later some more blood. I have provided pictures.Is this just part of the recovery process, or is it cause for concern?*He has been reluctant to eat plain chicken and rice but was happy to have a small portion of his usual kibble. He has also been taking water without throwing up so far.
Hi there,you are through to Dr Linda.
I'm sorry to hear this.
Certainly, when the gut is damaged and there is bloody diarrhoea, it can take quite a few days to fully resolve.
We tend to find that the stool becomes less bloody within a few days and the diarrhoea will resolve shortly after this.
The main thing is that he is clinically well. It's reassuring he has had some kibble and water and I would also want to know that his energy levels are improved, he has pink & wet gums and there is no abdominal bloating.Is he currently on medication such as antibiotics and probiotics from the vet?
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Thank you for your quick response.Definitely less bloody, and a
dark red.
Previously looked like radioactive ketchup, bright red.He did not want plain chicken but was v keen for his kibble (hand feed, as seemed scared of his bowl). Gums are pink and moist.They did not give us any probiotics and antibiotics as they said that he did not have any more blood in his stools last night.Energy levels much better, but still not 100%. But he is a lazy pug.
Bless him, poor little man.
A darker colour can be consistent with 'old' blood but it may also indicate bleeding from higher up in the digestive tract e.g. stomach, so do keep a close eye for any further blood or vomiting.
We would expect him to continue to improve but you are doing the right thing by monitoring the poo to ensure it is getting better each day.
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
The larger darker blood/d was then followed by the smaller more red blob of blood/d (pictured)
Hopefully indicating the blood is not coming from further up his digestive track?He then did a long pee
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
I think we will monitor him till morning then get meds from vet in morning
Its difficult to know for sure. The main thing is that we should be seeing less and less blood/mucus as he improves.
You may wish to give him a probiotic paste e.g. Protexin Prokolin for 3 days. This can accelerate healing and resolve diarrhoea more quickly. It can be bought online or from a pet shop with no prescription.
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Ok great thank you
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
What are the warning signs to watch out for? Other than blood in stool.Lethargic
No appetite
Energy levels
BloatingAnything else to watch out for?
Pale gums, fever (you may notice hot ears or trembling) and all that you mentioned would be a concern.
We should find he continues to improve each day though loose stool is not unexpected for several days.
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Ok thanks.
Do you think we should go to the vet tomorrow morning? Or just go with the probiotics and wait for a day or two before going?
I would see how he is in the morning. If there is more blood, it would be best to go.
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Customer: replied 1 day ago.
Ok thanks
Customer: replied 1 day ago.
We will wait to the morning and keep an eye on him