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Dr L Simmon
Dr L Simmon, Dog Veterinarian
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My dogs, who are both itchy (one of them is VERY itchy),

Customer Question

My dogs, who are both itchy (one of them is VERY itchy), leave a white residue on my hands after I stroke them. Can this residue be identified, and could it be contributing to their itchiness? It doesn't feel nasty or have any smell to it, it just feels oily.They are both Cavalier King Charles Spaniel girls (spayed), both aged 8. Thank you.
Submitted: 14 days ago.
Category: Dog
Customer: replied 14 days ago.
File attached (771Q5VL)
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 14 days ago.
Hello, you are through to Dr Linda, a UK based vet.Is there anything you have applied to their skin such as talcum powder, a spray or similar?When were they last bathed and which product was used?When were they last treated for parasites and with what?
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 13 days ago.

Without further information it is very difficult for me to provide the best advice but I shall certainly try.

Please reply when you can and we can continue the conversation.

This may be the remnants of a product that has been applied to them, perhaps talc, a spray or a shampoo.

As they are very itchy, a vet visit is best to check for e.g. a bacterial infection or fungal infection, mites, fleas or an allergy.

Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 13 days ago.

They may well require some anti itch medicine, as well as more specific treatment such as antibiotics and a medicated wash.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: replied 13 days ago.
I'm so sorry, I work nights (so sleep during the day), and I haven't had a chance to reply until now. We have applied nothing to the girls like talc or spray, and they were last bathed a few months ago with an all-natural shampoo specially imported from the United States to be completely chemical-free (I'll check the name). They were also last treated for parasites with Bravecto 2 months ago. They were itching before the bath and the bravecto, and they have continued to itch afterwards, so I don't think that's the issue. I have taken them to the vets, but they say they can't see anything that could be causing this excessive itching. Have you ever seen a white residue like this before? It doesn't come off onto my hands as soon as I touch them, only after I've been rubbing/stroking them for a bit of time, but it never used to happen. Thank you very much.
Customer: replied 13 days ago.
Okay, I just checked the name of the shampoo, and it is "Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic shampoo". Thank you.
Expert:  Dr L Simmon replied 13 days ago.
Thank you. ***** haven't ever seen a residue like this.Could it possibly be something on your own hands e.g. a soap or cream?Itching like this isn't normal so I would seek a 2nd vet opinion. They likely require some treatment to settle things down.