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Dr L Simmon, Dog Veterinarian
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hi Dr L simmon
Hey! How can I help tonight?
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
hi there troy had a cough yesturday and this morning his coughing and bringing up like thick sticky clear stuff i’ve attached a picture so you can see
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
his eating and drinking water fine
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
can’t be to do with the cut can it ? his had a cough before from the dog walker tugging his collar hard
Thank you for this question.No, this wouldn't be caused by a cut.What age and breed is he?
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
his 3 almost and a jug
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
you’ve dealt with him loads of times haha
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
Ok, thanks for confirming! Cutie.Is he up to date with his kennel cough vaccine (within the last 12 months) and lungworm prevention (within the last month)?Is he lethargic or off his food?
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
he hasn’t had his kennel cough they didn’t offer us any and no he still demands food lol and wants treats
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
he had his advocate flea treatment like just before this started ? unless this caused it which i doubt
Advocate both prevents and treats lungworm so that's reassuring.As not up to date with kennel cough vaccine (many dogs aren't as it's not a core vaccine), he may well have a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract.Dogs can have a dry, hobking cough which causes them to vomit or bring up spit/foam/phlegm and are usually otherwise well.Signs last 1 to 2 weeks and they're very infectious so should be kept away from other dogs while coughing.We can help by using a body harness rather than neck collar when walking, offering a teaspoon of honey twice daily and minimising exercise.If he starts to seem poorly (lethargic, off his food, feverish) a vet check is best in case there's more going on or he might need antibiotics.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
could i catch this :/ or this a dog thing because i have issues with my immune system my self
If it is kennel cough, this can't be transmitted to humans.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
okay also his not drinking enough water shall i give him some more wet food? or is too much food not good
If his gums are still wet and he's active, dehydrated is unlikely.You can feed 100% wet food if you wish.You could also encourage fluid drinking by offering e.g. Lectade or Oralade.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
you think it’s kennel cough ? why does he keep trying to eat the sticky liquid he brings up
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
any idea
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
how long does the vomiting last

Kennel cough, or a similar viral infection, would be the most likely scenario here.

Dogs like to keep clean and will often clean up their own vomit; it won't do harm but we should try to get to it first!

Kennel cough lasts about 7-10 days and the first few days tend to mean the worst coughing, which can sometimes cause vomiting.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
his constantly bringing up this is that normal with kennel cough
It can be with a harsh cough, yes.It is important his gums stay wet and he's alert, active and happy to eat.His breathing should be calm and settled.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
his eating and active just took him for a walk just keeps bringing up liquid but it doesn’t seem as bad as yesturday it’s slowed down a little

Good. We do tend to find the first days are the worst and signs then quickly improve.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
ok so you don’t think he has something like lodged in the back of his throat or something ?

No. If this were the case he would not be happy to eat and drink and he would be restless and drooling.

If something was stuck, he would be making an effort to get it out, by pawing at the area.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
ah okay sorry last thing just to clarify it doesn’t some like a cough it seems like his trying to clear his throat from this sticky liquid thing he doesn’t just cough it’s always cough then phlegm

Yes, this is common.

Oftentimes a dog's cough sounds nothing like our coughs!

They can sound like retching, honking and gagging.

If you YouTube a dog with Kennel Cough, you may find it sounds the same.

Dr L Simmon and other Dog Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
hi linda i’m super paraniod i have a weak immune system could i catch the kennel cough
It is very rare and would usually only be an issue for severely immune compromised individuals.
If concerned, limit contact as much as possible.I'd also encourage you to talk to your GP who will have more experience with human health risks.
Customer: replied 11 days ago.
okay super paranoid

Hi there, how is your Pug getting on today?

Customer: replied 11 days ago.
his better today his stopped the vomiting but still has his little cough is this a good sign?

Absolutely, this sounds great.

As I say, the cough can last up to 2 weeks but should be improving.