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Jane Lefler
Jane Lefler, Animal Behaviorist
Category: Dog Training
Satisfied Customers: 20218
Experience:  Dog breeder/Trainer and Behaviorist 18+ years
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Its been nearly 6 weeks friday my german shepherd has still

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Its been nearly 6 weeks friday my german shepherd has still got seperation anxiety im getting that fed up its giving me headaches of worry that shes never gonna settle in and stop her Barking. It's beem like having to get a baby sitter to dog sit her. Iv tried the dap diffuser so that obviously not worked. At min sjes learning with her barking. Its also making me feel frustrated
Hi Jacustomer,

This is Jane. I answered your previous question on separation anxiety. Did you use the Dap diffuser along with the specific training that I outlined for you?
Did you start taking her for a 30 minute brisk walk before leaving her alone?
I know your neighbor is saysing she is barking non stop, but have you set up a recorder to verify that she is indeed barking the whole time?
Did you try any of the no bark collars or discuss medications with your vet to help with anxiety?

These are all suggestions I made in my last post to you which I don't believe you ever replied to. I do see that you tried the DAP collar and while it can sometimes help on its own, it is usually used in conjunction with specific training to overcome anxity.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It wont matter if iv tooken her out before I go out her barking does not stop. Im trying a crate with her it should be here tomorrow or Friday im hoping this is gonna help her. I am using a anti bark collar that sprays every time she barks which she is learning with it shes starting to know wat happens when she barks. Best thing iv brought so far

Vet told me jus to be in separate rooms so that she could still see me. Which I am doing with her.

I'm glad you are acting on my previous suggestions. The spray collars can be effective just be sure that she doesn't bark so much that she uses all the spray up too quickly. Some clients have used spray collars and this seems to be the biggest complaint about them. Most choose the static shock type of collar. When they do, I recommend they let it shock them first so they will feel that the intensity of the shock is not very high and it is the unexpectedness of it that stops the barking. I've used this type personally and they are effective.
The collars do have to be fit properly and the sensor portion over the throat area. While I respect your vets opinion, what you need is for her to get used to you leaving and not being in her sight. As I mentioned in my previous post, you might have to crate her and move a short distance away, then return and give her a special treat like a hot dog slice or liver sliver IF she didn't act anxious or bark. You would gradually move further away and staying further away for longer periods of time with her not barking in order for her to get the treat. However, you will want to return almost immediately the first couple of times you actually walk out the door so she understands that you are not "gone".

I hope you are also using the visual cues of picking up your keys or putting on your coat and NOT leaving so she stops associating those behaviors you exhibit with you leaving. This will help keep her calm.

Remember to not just try one technique but try them together such as having the DAP diffuser along with the bark collar and training. Remember the handy kong toy with frozen yogurt inside that can keep her mouth busy. She can not bark if she is chewing on the toy.

I'm glad that the antibark collar I suggested in the answer I posted on your last submitted question is having some positive effect. Hopefully once you have the crate and can work on the desensitizing her to your leaving you will see a lot of improvement.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How many times daily should I use the anti bark collar as I will admit ive used it quite a far bit. Shes started walking by my side down the bark which im glad about cos I really didnt feel confident I could train her. Dogs can sense you being stressed cant they? Cos I do get uptight I must admit I'm just probably a bit impatient

If she primarily barks when you leave, use it when you are getting ready to leave and during training. But during training, sooner or later, you will need to train without it. It is just an aid to help her learn not to bark.
They can definitely feel your stress and it can definitely increase their anxiety. Perhaps a little soothing tea or other type of relaxing activity might help you be less stressed out as well and help transfer that calm to her.
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