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I have an english cocker spaniel (working type) he has

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I have an english cocker spaniel (working type) he has become very aggressive recently (past 3 months) and has attacked all members of the family (4 adults), he seems to get an obsessed look in his eyes, attacks and bites and then back to normal self,has attacked 3 of us in the last 5 days, he started flea/tic treatment Simarica over the same period but the vet thinks that there is no link, we do not want him to be put to sleep, he has been a lovely dog for 4 1/2 years but we can't trust hime as there seems to be no trigger, attacks are completely random

hello and thank you for using this site to help you.

Did your Vet rule out thyroid, tumors, and other health issues that may cause sudden aggression?

Is the dog 4 1/2 years old or is that just how long you have had him?

Is he neutered?

How is he if you try to take away a valued item such as a bone, food, toy etc?

What was his personality like prior with people he knows and ones he does not? Is he outgoing, shy, fearful etc?

Can you give me an example of one of his attacks, what was going on at the time, where was the person and what was the interaction with the dog?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Vet seemed uninterested in a medical reason he felt that a behaviourist was required :(
Monty is 4 1/2 and we have had him since 8 weeks old
He is neutered,
No problem taking things off him at all
His personality up until recently has been lovely, a very loving dog, loves his cuddles, loves to play with all members of the family, he is cautious when new people come in but settles with them in 5 minutes or so, he's always has been a headstrong dog though and can be stubborn at times.
Example of an attack, he was cuddling my daughter last week quite happily for about half an hour and then attacked her arm and bit it quite badly, she was not doing anything to annoy him as she was on her phone, this weekend he went for and bit my wife! she just stood up to go to the kitchen, and today he was sat on my lap quite happily being fussed behind the ear, the look in his eyes changed and he went to attack me, he was aggressive but didn't bite as i pushed him away to get some distance between us.

Thank you for that information. Generally there are not such drastic changes in behavior from a well rounded dog unless there is a health problem.

If you said the dog was always shy or fearful, or that you could not take things away from it I would think there were some behavior problems all along that maybe the owner did not recognize. Most dogs , will then show that quite a bit worse at around age 2 when they are mature. You are saying that the dog has been perfectly fine until recently which would not make sense from a behavior standpoint.

The staring is an indication one is about to attack as this is what dogs do that think they are above others or are possessive.

What I would try is putting him on the learn to earn program, which basically takes away many of his rights he has now and puts him below the human. No more couch sitting, he should be on his own bed, no more full bowls of food put in front of him and his toys should not be left out for him to use whenever, from now on the human will decide when the play will happen.

I will direct you to a link on how the learn to earn works. If you are not seeing any change then I would head back to your Vet or I would have a trainer come in and give the dog a temperament test which will tell you what you aggression type you are dealing with.

Dr sophia yin learn to earn

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your reply, I will try what you have suggested, I have been reading about rage syndrome and hypothyroid problems, he seems to fit into both categories, less so rage, he has put on some weight and has also taken to licking his paws a lot (this all started at roughly the same time) he also seems to wash his face like a cat would (which he never used to do) apart from the behaviour training do you think blood tests would be a good idea to see if it's a health problem?

Yes I would mention a thyroid test to the Vet.

As for the licking of the feet and cleaning the muzzle those are signs of an allergy.

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