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Category: Dog Training
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Experience:  Therapy Dog Evaluator,AKC Evaluator, 27 years dog behavior,modification, Emergency Pet first aide in disasters
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I guess I asked it wrong before. Because what I really need

Customer Question

I guess I asked it wrong before. Because what I really need to know is this. I have trained recall. Not perfectly it needs more work but I have trained so that the dogs check in with me on the walk and get a treat and praise. Then when I call them they usually come and again the treat and praise. If the do not come and run off for day 15 minutes when they do come back I treat and praise them for their return so that they never have bad associations with returning to me. But my question is if they always get treat and praise when they return how do I teach them recall is now. And running off for 15 minutes is wrong?
Submitted: 18 days ago.
Category: Dog Training
Expert:  DakotaSouthFive replied 18 days ago.

Hello again!

I think what you may have to do, when it is time to go home, that you change the wording. If you use "come" as a normal recall, change that working to "Let's Go" or another word they can identify. But you have to make the reward different from what you are giving them normally for the final call. It is at that time that they need to know something very special is coming to them if they come to you.

Practice that wording in the home first before you use it outside.

here's an example. One of my dogs needs daily medicine. This is given to him on a spoonful of canned dog food. My wording for this is just Medicine. My dogs do not get canned dog food on a regular basis, so this is special to all of them, and they will all come running to me if I say the word Medicine. They all know something good is coming.

Dogs do not really live in a world of right and wrong like humans do, so you really can't teach them something they don't understand. You cannot teach a dog that an action is wrong, you can only teach them wording for what you want them to know in order to please you.

If at any time your tone changes in that wording, they will pick up on that and not trust that wording again.

Customer: replied 18 days ago.
No that is not it. When it is going home time I simply say 'Going Home' that is not a problem. It is this difference which you say can't be taught that I need. So they understand to come immediately I call them each time on the walk and not half an hour later. My old Dad used to give the dog a slap but I don't want to do that
Expert:  DakotaSouthFive replied 18 days ago.

If you need them to come immediately then that is what you have to train in the recall for a longer time using that leash I spoke of. If they are not coming to you, then they need to be taught the recall for a longer period of time.

Expert:  DakotaSouthFive replied 18 days ago.

When we train Service Dogs, they are trained for 3 years so that all commands are reliable. If at any time a dog is not listening to a command, we work on that command longer.

We also have to train them in each area we think a recipient might take them.