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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
Satisfied Customers: 1207
Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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Ive had two very disturbing dreams on the same theme which

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I've had two very disturbing dreams on the same theme which are extremely worrying, the most recent was last night and the other was about 4 years ago. I am a 51 year old divorced female.

last nights dream started off fairly normally...I was in a cafe chatting to an ex and suddenly the police were everywhere and I overheard them talking about a body they had found. We were then on a beach, which we lived very close to through my childhood until I was about 11. Suddenly I realised that the body they had found was a woman I had murdered years ago and suppressed the memory. All kinds of details flooded back into my 'memory' and I awoke so horrified and believing that it was real - to the extent that I went in the internet to see if any woman had gone missing on the beach 30-40 years ago!

The dream 4 years ago was almost identical except that the body was a man and I had him in the woods.

In both dreams I do not know the identity of the people I killed or the reason why. The significant part is the return of a suppressed memory that I had buried. The memory feels real even after waking even though logic tells me I was not an 11-12 year old serial killer and feel guilty even stepping on an ant!

Can you help?

Dr. Norman Brown :

Dreams come from the vastness of our unconscious mind that is part of the collective unconscious of the entire human race, and may be directed by a Higher Source that is specifically connected and concerned with your individual growth towards the actualization of your whole personality-. There is higher knowledge and wise guidance contained, usually underneath what is more obviously accurate about your waking understanding of your reality.


It’s usually pretty easy to establish some connections between your waking life and knowledge and the dream IF I can ask you about some of those connections. But the keys to the dream’s deeper meanings, that will actually reach beyond what you could know before the dream’s arrival, are found by going through the “cracks in the dream’s surface,” that is, where what your waking consciousness is aware of and what the dream shows you AND makes you think and feel are in DISAGREEMENT.

Dr. Norman Brown :

4 years ago it was a man you had killed. Now it's a woman. The man was killed in the forest, which is symbolic of the femine unconscious. The ocean symbolizes the collective unconscious of the whole human race. The woman you killed is probably an aspect of yourself. Now the first question here is whether the 40 years really is 40 or just 4 x 10 or a lot. When did you get divorced?

Dr. Norman Brown :

IF the 40 years is to be taXXXXX XXXXXterally, then you lost some parts of yourself when you entered puberty that may have led to your own contribution to the wreckage of your marriage -- perhaps first to an unconscious relationship to the masculine side of humanity (beginning at that age with father or brother(s)) that has been destructive to your efforts at heterosexual love; and now with even greater insistence to a symbolic loss of yourself as a woman. What event(s) or thoughts can you remember that might have triggered the commentary of your dead-man dream 4 years ago? And what event(s) or thought(s) have triggered this dream? Sometimes it's an anniversary; sometimes it's a new issue, conflict or loss that triggers the grand-framework story that's imaged as the part(s) of yourself that you murdered, so you'll get a chance to confront the big issues behind whatever's currently reminding you of the road not taken or the blindsided blundering that everyone must do before they can find out what's driving them from their unconscious minds.

Dr. Norman Brown :

The memories that appeared in either dream would be extremely important, no matter how fragmentary they may be after the dream has passed and you haven't written them down (yet). Write down everything you can remember, even tiniest shreds of imagery, feeling, events. For your own mind can expand those remnants if you have the courage to free-associate to them--and I can guide you in doing that. You'll have no idea how valuable and perhaps shocking your recollections can become if you will follow the slender nonsensical threads by which they are still reachable. You're not online. So I'll go do my errands, and probably not connect with you until tomorrow.

Dr. Norman Brown and other Dream Interpretation Specialists are ready to help you
You don't need to stop getting the benefits that the Higher Power that dwells within you and composes your dreams is pointing towards in this dream. If you just want to stop a potentially life-changing conversation without exploring the possibilities I've begun to open up, that's fine. But you can explore them with me without ANY additional cost to you.
You don't need to stop getting the benefits that Higher Power is pointing towards in this dream. If you just want to stop a potentially life-changing conversation without exploring the possibilities I've begun to open up, that's fine. But you can explore them with me without ANY additional cost to you. I've only been guessing at what your dream is pointing toward so far, because I don't know what life moment(s) or thought(s) triggered either dream. But it seems likely that the introduction of your present dream is the theme: How your life experiences led you to leave those lover-parts of yourself underdeveloped--which the dreams exaggerate as "murdering them." (And this may have happened symbolically as you entered puberty and would thus have begun to feel the urges to connect with your own whole personality THRU the lifechanging experience of loving a male person outside of your family and thus beginning to leave the forcefield of your family of origin for your own--as yet unknown--path of individual development. It is never too late to rediscover your own individual path, and thus to bring these dead lovers back into NEW LIFE. But it's not a magic trick to do that. It requires dream-work and deep psychological work, some of which can be done thru the powers of your Imagination, and more thru the powers of your waking mind to make courageous choices and do things that you have naturally left undone--without being able to realize that, because the inner workings of your being are not normally conscious. But these dreams are invitations to rediscover the ways to move forward, IF you want to seize the opportunity to do that. Working with your associations to this dream can begin that process, and engaging in psychotherapy with a well-trained person in your area is the next best step in addition to that.