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Dr-A-Green, PsyD
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The white sky became very turbulent. It was covered in a layer

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The white sky became very turbulent. It was covered in a layer of white cloud, which began to move violently. A hole like that of a whirlpool opened up in the cloud and became large; through this hole in the cloud (it was daytime) I could see the darkness of space and the stars. There was a general feeling of impending doom and the end of the world, not only form myself but for everyone else. The location was a built-up area. At the point the gaping hole in the cloud opened up, I was lying over the top of my baby son, and his mother on top of a flat roof, waiting for the inevitable horror. This dream has bothered me all day. It was very visceral, and I can still see the images now, and feel the apocalyptic fear (I do not exaggerate when I use the term 'apocalyptic'). I am concerned that my sub-conscious has detected something very important that my conscious mind has not yet learned of.
I wouldn't doubt that your mind is definitely trying to tell you something - that's a heck of a dream! But, I think it can be interpreted in several ways. First off- did you recognize the location at all - did it mean anything to you? You said it was "built up."
I'm also interested in the fact that your wife wasn't in the same physical space as you and your son, but on a roof. This may have some significance, so I'm wondering if you had any feelings/thoughts about that in the dream - or if it seemed normal to you (dream interp is all about how you felt, not the "facts," per se).
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No. It had the feel of a large town. The building I was laying on was residential I believe. It may be worth pointing out a few other things: Besides the gargantuan hole torn into the cloud, there was no blue sky whatsoever, just pale yet thick white cloud. I do not recall any wind or rain at all. If you understand (as I'm sure you do) that we are not supposed to see the blackness of space with the stars (I cannot remember a moon) during the daytime, and that if we DID, it would mean a problem of global/universal consequence, you can see why this dream brought me such feelings of doom. My hands are sweaty going over it again in my head. I am not religious (neither am I an aetheist), I am not a depressive, I have no chemical addictions, I haven't watched TV in 7 years, I tend to read only non-fiction, and I have very strong traditionalist instincts. To reply to your second message, I was on the roof with my baby son and his mother (she and I are not romantically involved) - the three of us were lying on the flat roof against an upward-turning edge. I was protectively lying on top of them, but I remember feeling that the chances of anyone surviving were slim.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Obviously, the entirety of the earth's atmosphere and upper realms were torn apart in this dream, as indicated by the visibility of space and it's contents. The 'hole' was swirling and slowly moving across the sky. I think it was slowly getting larger and larger.
Thank you so much for the extra details - that helps a lot. Okay - here goes:I very much believe that the apocalypse theme has to do with change. There has to be something coming up in your life (or something that you fear will happen) that threatens the status quo. This change seems very unpredictable to you - where things that were once easy to understand no longer are (the sky not looking as it should). This impending change, in your mind, will have an effect on everyone - most importantly, you and your son. In the dream you are physically trying to shield him from this. Since you are on a roof, and the sky opens up, that indicates to me that you believe you have nowhere to hide. You are completely out in the open and nothing is standing in it's way (no walls to shield you). A house (whether you recognize it or not) usually represents the self - so you're waiting, unprotected - with no outside obstacles, for this change to occur.All that said, the roof is flat - that's indicative of solid ground (not sloped or dangerous). You're doing something heroic (shielding others) - and those others are with you (you're not alone).So, my guess is that, while you're scared of the change (and fear you won't survive it), you're doing everything you can, you're reasonably sure of yourself, and you'd do anything to protect those you love. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
By the way, I'm hoping to get to the bottom of it too, so it doesn't continue to bother you!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I mentioned that I read a lot of non-fiction. One of my subjects is history, especially regarding the 'life' of civilizations. Another is philosophy. I also mentioned that I have an innately visceral traditionalist instinctive drive (I don't mean 1950's). I became a father for the first time last year. I am 33 years old. I find that the structure and function of modernist society is at variance with my own nature due to modern Europe being in the final stages of it's decline as a civilization. My son is more important to me than the air I breath. Having a son has always been of the greatest importance to me. My father and grandfather both died in 2011. I have no doubt they were both disappointed I hadn't become father. I was too. I feel angry, helpless and handicapped at the current 'demographic changes' that Europe is suffering under. I know what's coming. At the same time I feel like I must be both lighthouse and castle for my boy. I live in Ayrshire. Here, the government and their councils are welcoming these catastrophic changes with open arms. Of course, they have no awareness or understanding of history, of anthropology, or even of what has been going on in our cities. Is this my great fear? The destruction of a nation, of a people, is certainly of global importance. What chaos will reign here when my boy is becoming a man?I think the absence of my father and grandfather, coupled with the fact that the boy's mother's family are what the ancient Hindus would have called 'low caste', has perhaps developed a feeling of sole-responsibility regarding my son's future. I certainly will not be foolish enough to rely upon the state that has actively worked to destroy our people; therefore, based on your response, underneath it all, his existence in this coming living-hell is dependent upon my ability as a father.
Respectfully, ***** ***** it's your feeling that it's dependent upon your ability as a father, and that it's putting a lot of pressure on you (which lines up with your actions in the dream). No one's future is wholly dictated by the actions of their parents; however, it's vitally important. It would make sense too that you feel it's your community that is failing to protect it's people (the others around you in the dream). You feel it is completely up to you, and there is a sense of hopelessness/doom about it.I'm sure this is also stemming from the fact that your father and grandfather have passed (I'm sorry for your loss). This must make it feel even more critical. Regardless, you don't have to be as alone as your dream makes it seem; and I hope you rely on others to help you through this time!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Of course, that is what I was alluding to, and naturally, that is what it is. Any boy who has a good father looks up to him only as his primary role model, and a good father who is not distracted by the degeneracy of modernity will be a high-investment parent to ensure his son can reach his full potential and fend for himself and protect his own dependants in the 'interesting times' to come.Based on this exchange, perhaps I have not been taking these issues seriously enough. Thank you for your insights.
Of course! Thank you for sharing your dream and your honest thoughts about it. My hope is that, if you have a similar dream again, that the outcome will be different - and that you'll see yourself as the integral piece to saving your son. I think you're well on your way to that now. Best wishes to you,Dr. G.
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