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I dreamt of room with high ceiling with hanging horizontal

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I dreamt of room with high ceiling with hanging horizontal pipes from wall to wall. There were several such pipes. On each of these pipes there were crows and snakes sitting on them alternately i.e. one crow and then one black venomous snake. A Snake was at the beginning of the queue (the pipe) followed by crow, then a snake, then a crow and so on. The crows were trying to peck and kill the snakes in front.
What does this mean ? It was quite scary.
Very interesting dream! I'm sorry that your reading didn't reveal much, but I can't say I'm surprised. "Dream Dictionaries" and the like are relying on classical symbol interpretation, which doesn't usually apply to a specific person (unless that dream symbol happens to have an application to your life)! So, let's start from the ground up...First of all, you dreamed of a room with a high ceiling and hanging horizontal pipes. In general, dreaming of a room or a house has to do with the physical self. So, somehow this room is a manifestation of how you see yourself emotionally, or your physical body. The room is 'tall,' which could indicate several things: it could mean that you see yourself as always taking the high road - or that you think you have a high threshold/tolerance. Without knowing more about you personally, it's a bit difficult, but the tall height of the room likely has a meaning relating to something you consider a personal characteristic like the examples I gave. The fact that the room had horizontal pipes is interesting too, because they were exposed, and not something one generally sees in finished spaces. So, there may be something about yourself that you consider vulnerable - whether that's a physical characteristic or the fact that you 'wear your heart on your sleeve'... The crows and snakes sitting on the pipes can have several meanings, and some of that has to do with your personal feelings about each. For instance, some people are afraid of snakes, so I'd favor this interpretation over any classic symbol meaning. So, my guess is that the snakes (especially since you described them as 'black and venomous') represent a threat to your physical or emotional wellbeing. They also 'come first' meaning that the threat is either more proximal in time in your waking life, or it's something you worry about more often. I'd think that this is a consistent stressor since there are many alternating in a line that literally (in the dream) goes across the entire space (you). The crows, on the other hand, represent change (again - unless you have a different personal connection to crows). So, the interpretation here may be that you're looking for a change in your life circumstance to wipe out this stressor (whether that be a better job, a better mate, etc). In your dream, the crows (changes) are attempting to kill the threatening emotion/stress. It was probably very scary because all of your insides (the pipes) were exposed and there was a battle, of sorts, occurring between what is, and what you desire for your future. But the good news is that there was a battle! This means that your subconscious is aware of your fighting spirit, and was honoring that in pictures.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks a lot. I agree with your explanation. I have undergone a tremendous amount of transformation in my life in a very short span of time. One of the things that changed is my intuition. It is extremely heightened. TV shows and movies are no fun these days, my professional skills (programming/coding) has become extremely easy and boring for me, conversations with people has become a nightmare because I know exactly when they lie and are using manipulation which is a deterrent. All because I instantly know whats going to happen next. I have come to trust my instincts a lot. 99% of the times they are right. Sometimes it is scary.
That's very interesting! Your dreams must be reflecting this change and its telling you through the images you're experiencing. While this can be a little frightening, I think that your dream is instructing you to trust yourself and that change (the crows) isn't a bad thing.