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What does this dream symbolise; I was with Leonardo Dicaprio

Customer Question

What does this dream symbolise;
I was with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Hardy - they left me in my childhood home while being chased by a crazy killer.
The house was abandoned. I and another girl hid behind an L shaped sofa (not from my childhood) covered in a duvet. I watched him at the back doors but he never made eye contact. He looked crazy and frantic.
I realised we were in view from the side window so moved to really shield myself and gave guidance to the girl with me to do the same.
I then had what felt like a dream within a dream or a vision within a dream. I saw me and this girl allow the killer to enter the house and we jumped out and i stabbed him in the chest, she then repeatedly stabbed him over and over again.
His blood was corrosive however, and burnt her all over. I was only burnt from the splash back a little bit.
I woke up from one dream/vision seconds before waking up in real life (which felt like a choice - I could either stay in the dream or wake up to reality).
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I need to ask you some questions about your real-life context and also associations to and details of the dream:

1. What is your age and living situation (companions). How many years back did you leave your childhood home? Are you still living with anyone from your childhood home?

2. Is there a particular movie or movies that your images of Leonardo and Tom are related to? Did you watch one of these recently? (Movies before bedtime can often stimulate a dream, that then takes off from movie-emotions and plot-elements to explore issues from your own life.)

3. Is there anyone or anything associated with the letter L besides Leonardo diC and relevant to the dream? Were there advantages and disadvantages to the cover of the L-shaped sofa? What is a duvet?

4. Do you do lucid dreaming to solve dream problems like this one?

The dream suggests that there is a problem dogging you that was developed back in childhood (age 5-8 perhaps) that may have be confronted even though it's going to hurt.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello Dr Brown and thank you for your response.I am a 30yr old female and I live with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. We have a 1yr old cat also.
We purchased our first house last year and I have not lived in the house from the dream for 20 years. I have lived with my parents on and off from 19-20 to last August.Leo and Tom were themselves rather than any character. I last saw a Tom Hardy film 2 weeks ago and last saw a Leonardo Dicaprio movie 2 months ago. Their significance may stem from the fact they are my "celebrity crushes".I own an L shaped couch but it is the other way round to the one in the dream. The advantage of the couch was it could shield me from both the back door and the window at the same time but the disadvantage is that the space to shield both me and the other girl is small. Therefore the likelihood of at least one of us being seen is high. A duvet is a bed cover (usually duck down or synthetic). It looked to be the size of a double bed rather than a single bed.
I have had lucid dreamed before and have definitely felt in control of my actions in my dreams before this one. The decisions in this dream felt like my own.I hope this helps you determine the meaning behind my dream.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Does the crazed killer seem even slightly like anyone you know? Since he won't make eye contact, there's a terrible shame or hurt at the heart of this dream. The setting is within your personality-as-formed-thru-preteenage-years. It appears that there is a serious misunderstanding between you and a man: You're trying to make sure the killer can't see you, and the killer doesn't you to see him seeing you. You're trying to hide from his eyes, and he's hiding his eyes from your eyes. Is there something you have done (perhaps in collusion with another girl) that you don't want HIM to know/recognize? And a piercing accusation or a rage he doesn't want YOU to know/recognize?

I'm looking for the key Differences between your dream's elements and your waking life scenery and elements. You have a vacant house from your preteen years with your only present couch to occupy it. So what are all the significant uses that you make of this couch in your current life?

How are Leonardo di Caprio and Tom Hardy different from your boyfriend?

Your complete--rambling--and freeform answers to all of my questions will gradually allow me to discover what the theme of your dream is: Some interpersonal male/female problem involving unacknowledged shame (and/or guilt). And you identify any event(s) or thought/feeling(s) that might have triggered/resonated-in this dream?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

The scene-within-the scene, as willed by your dream-ego, is to take inside and kill off the intruder. This action is also a pair of opposites, like your dream-ego trying to avoid being seen/recognized and the killer trying to avoid being seen trying to see you.

Can you identify something important but perhaps unrecognized in your waking life--perhaps in relationship with someone important--that feels similar to this "hide and seek" ("seeing and not being seen")?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I'm not ready to be rated until together we understand what this tragically blocked-or-avoided recognition of disconnection or hurt/anger may be. So please write about what's in your life/relationship(s) that feels like this

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

One more summarizing theme: Some deep hurt you're hiding from yourself (but comes back in your unconscious thru the dream) brings both shame and urge for retaliation-revenge--that may be taking place around your new Living-together couch as symbol (of sexual life? of living-room intimacy?)