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Tori, Psychologist
Tori, Psychologist, Dream Analyst & Therapist
Category: Dream Interpretation
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How do i go about getting a dream interpretted? I dreamt

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How do i go about getting a dream interpretted?
JA: Oh I love this topic. Did you know I used to be a dream interpretation Expert? Yes, but now I have to hand you off to one of the new and better trained ones. You will undoubtedly enjoy this. Please tell me everything you can so the Dream Analyst can help you best.
Customer: I dreamt that an unseen, immensebly powerful entity was approaching my door. Terrified, i scrambled to lock and bolt the door as i sensed this almighty, unstoppable force approaching. As the entity arrived outside the door, i braced my self for it to break through. Instead, the entity gave three extremely loud knocks on the door. It was at this point i awoke terrified, my heart racing.
JA: Is there anything else the Dream Analyst should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you.
Customer: The energy snd power of this entity was overwhelming. The door was an old green timber door.

Hi, I hope I can offer some help with your question.

Our dreams occur within the context of our lives as a whole, your family life, work life, love life, and they reflect your deepest emotional responses to your waking life experiences.

Our dreams are a way for us to gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious forces or influences that drive our actions. Our dreams can also help us to integrate the different parts of ourselves to help us and enable us to live more harmoniously with ourselves.

Every image that comes up in a dream means something, but the same image may mean different things for different people, and even for the same person at different times. More often than not, the people, places, objects and events in your dreams represent parts of yourself: feelings, fears, attitudes, etc. You may not consciously be aware of these, and one of the main functions of dreams is to make you aware of these hidden parts and to ask you to give them your attention.

How you feel in a dream, and the feeling tone of particular items or the environment in a dream are extremely important.  Fear in a dream and its significance may partly depend on what, in the dream, is the object of your fear, but this will nearly always represent something within you, for example some repressed emotion or instinctive drive. What is frightening in a dream may represent  the unconscious in general, to the extent that it is still unexplored. The unconscious contains qualities opposed to those of the conscious mind. However these opposite qualities are there to round out your personality, so it is helpful in overcoming your fear to become open to and acquainted with what your unconscious contains. This may represent some unconscious fear or something you have repressed to which your unconscious is seeking attention (the knocking).e.g. quilt feelings, fear of punishment, sexuality, anger, aggression, interactions with others, or some part of you that is threatening to destroy your inner peace or outward efficiency. Nearly everything in your unconscious has two aspects: a threatening or unattractive aspect, when it is shut away and neglected, and a positive, creative aspect, when it is acknowledged and given an appropriate place. Consider what aspects of your life require attention to bring more peace or better efficiency.

Green in a dream signifies that you have the 'green light' for positive change (as in, if you open the door and let it in). Green indicates peace and wellbeing and suggests abundance, having enough, prosperity and wealth. Green can also suggest ignorance to grown-up issues and expectations, Dark green shows materialism or measuring others, or yourself, by money or material wealth. Green mat suggest that we have a desire to return to simplicity.

I hope that helps you to understand the possible meanings in this dream and helps you to interpret the unconscious messages and guidance that may be gained from it.

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