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Tori, Psychologist
Tori, Psychologist, Dream Analyst & Therapist
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  Dream Analyst & Therapist Diploma
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Thank you Tori for the interpretation of the dream of

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Thank you Tori for the interpretation of the dream of cutting the nipples.
i will send you again the dream of the theft I don't know where it has gone.

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Because the house in a dream represents the self, the poor state of the house can be symbolic of putting others first or not paying adequate attention to your own needs. To dream that your house is being broken into in this way, may represent feeling violated by some situation in your life. A door can represent an opening to a new development or life phase, either within yourself or your waking circumstances, or the beginning of an exploration of new parts of yourself. When someone is on the outside of the door, this can indicate a need to release some aspect from your unconscious (a dark or ugly part), into conscious awareness. The closed part of the door can symbolise an area you feel you are not permitted to enter or acknowledge, such as in pursuing a path that goes against your deepest needs or values, or an area you may feel anxiety or unwarranted guilt.

Not being able to shout for help may be saying something about self-expression, whether there may be some part of you that has not been allowed to express itself or you are bottling things up, rather than sharing them or talking about them.

The boss lady can represent a fear of authority or of being told what to do, or engulfed, and can relate to a difficulty gaining independence from a female figure  such as a mother figure, or can represent the authoritative side of your own nature. The feeling of hunger can be literally because you feel hungry, or can be symbolic of emotional craving, or a pining for personal development, achievement or meaning.

The washing of hands can be symbolism for feelings of guilt, or of getting rid of old negative emotions or attitudes. If you do not have a son but you dream that you do, this can suggest a need to develop your strong or confident side. To dream of a daughter can indicate a need or desire to bond with your younger self.

Tori, Psychologist, Dream Analyst & Therapist
Satisfied Customers: 373
Experience: Dream Analyst & Therapist Diploma
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