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Will a liver function test LFT) show up use (abuse) of diazepam.

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Will a liver function test LFT) show up use (abuse) of diazepam. Up until 1 week ago I was using 30-50mg a day for a period of a month. I am now not using it at all (it was not prescribed), and am using the help of AA. My social worker has asked for a liver function test to prove I have not been drinking again. I am not concerned as I have been sober for 8 Yeats and not drank at all. I did admit to taking a few un-precribed diazepam pills but only about 6. I am concerned the liver function test will show up the extent of the diazepam abuse. I am now not taking any. Back in AA and luckily not craving it, but am concerned the test will show I will loose my job.
While in rare cases, people can have elevation of liver enzymes with long-term abuse of diazepam, this is RARE in comparison to the effects of alcohol.

The amount of use that you describe would NOT be expected to cause a rise in liver enzymes. If there is any question, you could ask for EtG or EtS testing - two biomarkers that are specific for alcohol use.

Personally, I would not worry about a LFT test based on the history you have provided.
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