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cvd4311, Have 3 E-rearders
Category: E-Readers
Satisfied Customers: 1078
Experience:  I have 3 ereaders because I love to read especially my kindle, kindle fire and both IPads.
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I bought a kindle for my wife and registered it on my amazon

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I bought a kindle for my wife and registered it on my amazon account. we can buy books on this account. my son subsequently bought me a kindle and this was called ian's 2nd kindle. however, I cannot order books on this kindle. what do I do to overcome this problem? should I have a separate account for the wife/
cvd4311 :

If they kindles are registered to the same account then you can purchase material. You will have to log into amazon and see if both of your kindles are registered to the same person. If not you will have to either add that kindle to the account (which if you set it up and added same email then it should say it, if not you will have to add it to amazon). If that doesn't get you anywhere you will have open a separate account from your wife's and deregister your kindle and register it up under yours.

If you leave it under your wife's account she will see your books and you will see her books so whatever books you buy will show up under hers.

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