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Viet - E-Reader Tech
Viet - E-Reader Tech, Technician
Category: E-Readers
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I currently have a Kindle Fire HD (although how can I determine

Customer Question

I currently have a Kindle Fire HD (although how can I determine the precise model?)
I want to purchase the Kindle Voyage to replace it.
How can I get the content of the Fire transferred to the Voyage?
I do not want to do this as I am a complete non-technician and do not understand even the minor operating technicalities of the instrument. O.K I can use the basics, but in the case of an unusual operation like this I'd rather it were done by an expert.
I also have a Kindle Keyboard - same question.
John Bratby
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: E-Readers
Expert:  Viet - E-Reader Tech replied 3 years ago.

John! Thank you question. I will be assisting you today.

I'm sorry about the issue. When you got your new Kindle voyage, go through the on-screen setup instructions on the Kindle Voyage, and when prompted, make sure to register / enter the same Amazon account /email address that is on your current kindle fire/keyboard. Then all your content that you've purchased from Amazon / Kindle previously will automatically download to your new Kindle Voyage.

In the unlikely case that it does not work, please make sure that your kindle voyage is connected to Wi-Fi / wireless and make sure it is registered to your correct Amazon account / email address. If needed, also, please do the following:

  1. Sign in your Amazon account at the website below:
  2. From the section Your Content, select the items you want to deliver, and then select Deliver option / button.
    Tip: If you don't see the title you are looking for, select the Show drop-down menu to narrow your view to the title's category.
  3. When you locate the items, select Deliver.
  4. Select your Kindle Voyage device from the drop-down menu.
  5. Select Deliver.
  6. Then wait a bit, and those items will download / transfer to your Kindle Voyage.

When you are available, please click on the Reply to Expert tab below, and reply back to me, so we can continue. Thank you,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Your reply seems to be logical, and the activity appears to be simple, but have no technical expertise whatsoever, and cannot assess whether I will be able to complete the transfer/download satisfactorily.

At this point in time I have not even made the decision to buy the Voyage, and was simply asking whether my present Kindle content could be transferred in the event of a positive decision.

If I decide to make the purchase, what would be my next activity with you?

I really don't like the idea of "buying blind" i.e. before knowing the total cost.


Expert:  Viet - E-Reader Tech replied 3 years ago.
Don't worry, if you decide to make the purchase of any new kindle, and if you have trouble setting up / transferring, then you can just reply back to me again, then I can continue to help you further. There are only a few steps when setting up the kindle, but if you are stuck at any step on the new kindle's screen, please get back to me to continue. Thank you.