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Rusty, Music Professional
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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hi i am using cubase 5 in windows 7 witha tascam US122 mk interface

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hi i am using cubase 5 in windows 7 witha tascam US122 mk interface for midi.when i intall the driver ffor tascam, the mixer knobs of cubase started to acting weird going up and down when I play the keys in my korg n364 whichis is acting like a midi controller
pls find me a solution for this
Hello, my name is Rusty. Are you trying to record midi, or audio to Cubase?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Trying to record midi with some of my vst and it was working good befor but when I tried my Gr 55 driver then the problem started there is no problem when I play the keyboard on the screen using curser but when conect an exernal keyboard then the problem begins and if I record something it comes out perfect and can playback it but the vertual mixer knobs goes up and down only when I play it
Ok, and can you tell me the purpose for the GR 55? I'm trying to get the big picture to sort out the details. I can see that there is a midi conflict, we need to find out where it is. Does it work with the keyboard only (without GR 55)?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

iam not using gr55 at the moment i just removed the drver (gr55) the problem starts when i download the gr55 driver and connect the pedal so i uninstalle it and as iam not having a mii usb controller iam using tascam and my n364 i think the gr55 driver made some changes in the cubase settins or some thing in midi settings.the problem is stll there with tascam and n364ie: pc-usb cable-tascam-midi cabe (in -out)-keyboard this is the way I connected

Ok, I see, the driver is still in there, and Cubase thinks it's the pedal, which would mess with the controls. Go into your control panel, and locate the N364 and your GR55, and delete both of them. We need to wipe out any instance of both drivers, and only install ONE midi driver. One will connect to your computer (Tascam) and the other devices can be linked with midi cables.

Once you delete both instruments, reboot your computer. Tascam should show up, and function properly. If not, delete the Tascam driver, reinstall it, and it should work great.

Your midi channel in Cubase should be set to channel 1. You may use all three with midi in/out cables, but only the Tascam has to talk to your computer. Everything else talks to Tascam through midi cables.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi rusty

you are my worked I removed everything using hidden driver option and restarted again I reinstalled tascam and restarted

thanks a millon. was in the middle of Xmas jobs..

simpson john

Awesome, let me know if you ever need help in the future! Here's my direct link: