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Rusty, Music Professional
Category: Electronic Musical Instruments
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when i put a memory stick into my cvp 605 with downloaded tunes

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when i put a memory stick into my cvp 605 with downloaded tunes from itunes the machine acknowledges the stick but doesn't show the music
Hello, my name is Rusty. iTunes is an .mp4 format. Your keyboard will only read .mp3, as .mp4 is an Apple format. Click here. Convert your .mp4 files to .mp3, then put the .mp3 files on the stick, and your piano will read the music. Let me know if you have any trouble.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I knew that the format of the file was the problem, so thanks for confirming that. However, when I try to load the files / songs into the program, it will only take the folder and I cannot break out of itunes to separate the individual songs that I want.

I have now solved the problem of separating the individual songs and successfully converted the files tp MP3. So thank you for that.

I am in the UK Is the conversion software available here?

I have now tried to play the tunes on the piano without success. The instrument does not recognise MP3 files - the screen remains blank. I have therefore, converted the files to .WAV files and the titles appear in the screen, however, when I press play, I get the message that the instrument does not support these files.

Therefore, so far, no success. I have successfully played the tunes from the USB stick through my car radio using both MP3 and WAV files. So the USB stick is obvously ok.

Yamaha have given me the answer to my problem. Burn the music to a cd/dvd as MP3 files and then rip rip them to a memory stick. Also make sure that any zip files are unzipped. I would stil like to know of any conversion software available over here.

Many thanks for your help.

Hmm, burning to disc and ripping... That's one way to do it... All that does is creates a PCM .WAV file at 44,100 (CD quality). There is software available that can do that for you.

Click here. Wavepad is free. Drag a song to Wavepad, go to File, select Save As..., and change the file type to .wav. That will create a 44,100 .wav PCM file. Copy that to the stick, and it will be just like burning to disc, and ripping to the flash drive.