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MusicTech14, Technician
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Hi I need some help with my Tascam 2488 NEO.The recordings

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Hi I need some help with my Tascam 2488 NEO.The recordings I make on the device don't seem to be going automatically to the CD writer folder list,and I can not proceed with recording on to a CD,for use on other devices.
MusicTech14 :

Hello and thank you for your question.
Did you mix down to a Master Track on these songs. If not, that is the problem. The CD can only burn Master Tracks. Detailed instructions on doing this can be found starting on page 69 of the owner's manual.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if that turns out not to be the issue.

JACUSTOMER-qnxysp55- : Hi when I press mixdown mastering it keeps saying the track is too short,even if the recording is 4 minutes long.
MusicTech14 :

Did you set the OUT point? The mixdown will create song that starts from 00:00:00:00 and ends mat whatever Out point you set. So you need to set the OUT point before you press the MIXDOWN/MASTER button.

To set the out point, go to the end of the song you want to master. Now hold down the LOCATE buton and press the OUT button. That will set the Out point to the song's current transport location

JACUSTOMER-qnxysp55- : Hi I am having trouble with the volume on my CD recordings I make.It is OK when I play the recording back on the Tascam 2488neo device but when I put the CD into another device you can barely hear the recording even when the volume is on full.
MusicTech14 :

Technically that is a different question from your original posting, and should be posted as a separate question on the site. Since it is somewhat related, I'll give you a brief answer. But in the future, only follow-ups directly related to the original question should be posted within the original conversation. Those are the rules of the site.

When you mix down to a master track, the Tascam will create a stereo track based on the current position of the track controls. So if the track or master faders are turned down, then the recording will have low volume. Make sure you have the master fader up as high as you can go without clipping. Don't use the master fader to set your personal listening volume. It is used to set the recording level. For listening, use the monitor section and control the listening volume from that..

MusicTech14 :

You can also use the Tascam's compressor settings to get a fuller sound as described in this article.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi I need some more help with my Tascam 2488 NEO digital portastudio.Can you tell me how to turn off the track and master faders on the device.I have got very little volume on the recordings I make.I note that my question has been blocked,I don't know why or what it means.
I'm not sure why your other question was locked. Customer service may be able to tell you that.
As for turning off the faders, I don't believe there is a function to do that, and I'm not sure why you would want to. The faders are what controls the levels of your mix down. You want them on so you can use them to turn the volumes up to an appropriate recording level. Keep in mind when you are mastering, you are essentially re-recording the material and just like when you recorded the first time you have to set the recording levels.
What are you trying to accomplish by turning them off?