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Hi there I have a 380 watt technics su-x955 amp on a stack

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Hi there I have a 380 watt technics su-x955 amp on a stack system I have a 1000watt woofer and speakers the system crashs when 20db on superbass with superbass switch off and bass turned right down the db go to 2 before it crashs again. can you help what would the perfect speaker be know if it is the speakers and not the amp. Cheers Phil.
Hello, my name is Rusty. Sorry for the delay, I'm on the West Coast, USA.
When you have volume problems with the amp shutting down, most of the time it is a dirty speaker terminal. If a stray strand is almost touching across terminals, when turned up loud enough, will arc and cause the amp to shut off. When you lower the bass, you will get more head room. I believe that may be what's happening in your case.
Check your speaker terminals on the back of the amp, as well as each speaker. Make sure there is no possibility of a wire touching another wire.
If that doesn't remedy the problem, disconnect all speakers from the amp. Does it still shut off? If so, I'll have you remove the cover, turn off all the lights so that it's pitch black, and turn up the volume as you look for a blue spark.
Please tell me what you find.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi there I think we have found the problem our self the ohm on the speakers we had were to low for the system we put 8 ohm speakers on it ,it's working fine now. Cheers ***** ***** could that have been the problem?

Absolutely, if your speakers are lower ohms than the amp, it will drive the amp too hard and possibly damage the amp. 8 ohm speakers have a resistance on them, which doesn't allow the amp to push beyond its capability. A lack in resistance will cause a fault in the system over time. 8 ohm speakers should clear up the problem permanently. Let me know if you have any more trouble with your system.